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The Poised Princess Diamond Mangalsutra from Khwaahish.

The Diamond Mangalsutra: the Numero Uno of Indian Jewellery

January 27, 2024

The rich tapestry of Indian culture is studded with unique pieces of jewellery, but nothing is more significant than the mangalsutra.

For Hindu women, in particular, this adornment symbolises a new bonding phase of life, love, and commitment with their spouse. It illustrates the sacred bond between the couple and resonates with their lifelong vows to remain united until death does them apart.

The mangalsutra is a very traditional piece of jewellery and comes in numerous designs. This divine jewel is believed to safeguard the married couple right from the auspicious moment it adorns the bride’s neck. People believe it holds the power to ward off evil spirits and bestow good luck and prosperity upon the newly married couple.

The Evolution of the Mangalsutra: Sacred, Symbolic & Stylish

Despite the trends, styles, and modernisation in every period, the mangalsutra’s significance remains intact. However, the designs have vastly evolved, and the modern brides of this generation are simply spoilt for choices.

From a simple, black-beaded thread to dazzling diamonds, the mangalsutra blends cultural reverence with contemporary styles. The traditional ornament now sports sleek and chic designs- an evolution that aligns with the contemporary brides’ taste and expectations.

Our topic of discussion today is centred around the diamond mangalsutra- a modern take on the traditional piece featuring a sophisticated diamond-studded pendant.

Reputed diamond jewellers like Khwaahish offer some of the most stunning range of diamond mangalsutras in Chennai. Our following section unveils each masterpiece and its significance.

Top 4 Mangalsutra Designs to Captivate Your Heart

The Floral Diamond Mangalsutra

What’s a better way to express your love than with diamond-studded flowers? Whether it is just a couple of flowers or a bunch of them, Khwaahish’s Fetching Florals Diamond Mangalsutra and Floral Fascinations Diamond Mangalsutra are the finest expressions of everlasting love, family bond and lifetime commitment.

The Floral Fascinations Diamond Mangalsutra from Khwaahish.

The Diamond Heart Mangalsutra

The heart is the universal sign of love and aptly deserves to symbolise your marital bond. Khwaahish Mahendri Diamond Mangalsutra and Aishwarya Diamond Mangalsutra showcase abstractly-designed hearts in a simple yet elegant manner. It is a perfect choice for modern brides who desire subtlety and sophistication.

Have a glimpse of the masterpieces and be ready to be awed and inspired!

Mahendri Diamond Mangalsutra from Khwaahish.

Sparkling Diamond Mangalsutra

Khwaahish’s Varuni Diamond mangalsutra and Vrinda Diamond mangalsutra will simply take your breath away. These pieces sport multiple diamond strands arranged in a unique pattern enclosing the diamond pendant. These mangalsutras will elevate your wedding look and make you the talk of the town!

The splendid Vrinda Diamond Mangalsutra from Khwaahish.

The Diamond Solitaire Mangalsutra

Are you looking for simple and spectacular diamond mangalsutras? Our 0.25 Ct Desirous Devotion Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra and the 0.30 Ct Queenly Quadrate Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra perfectly fit the bill.

 The beautiful Desirous Devotion Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra from Khwaahish.

Do you feel spoiled for choice and unable to make a decision? After all, it is a mangalsutra you are purchasing. Hence, it requires careful consideration of certain factors to narrow down your choices and pick the right one.

4 Aspects to Evaluate While Choosing Diamond Mangalsutras

1. Your cultural roots

The Indian culture has multiple communities with very specific requirements. Since the mangalsutra is strongly tied to these values, it is imperative to include these requirements after discussing them with your parents and future in-laws.

2. The chain length

It is customary for the mangalsutra pendant to be hidden within your clothing. To ensure the same, check for adequate length to fulfill the requirement and make it conveniently fitting.

3. The pendant graph

How often will you wear your mangalsutra? The answer to this question decides your pendant graph. For working women travelling frequently, a simple diamond-studded pendant will serve a functional purpose, complement your formal outfits, and add a touch of style.

4. Your budget

Set a clear price range based on your preferences and desires. A preplanned budget will help you shortlist your choices and arrive at a proper decision. At Khwaahish, you can find the right jewellery that fits your budget and other preferences.

Mangalsutras: Keeping it Trendy & Traditional

At Khwaahish, our diamond mangalsutras in Chennai showcase the latest trends and deep-rooted traditional significance with perfect harmony. Crafted with naturally sourced diamonds, each piece is exclusively designed to suit the modern Indian bride. Visit our showroom in Chennai or browse our website to find that exclusive mangalsutra symbolising your marital life.

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