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Diamond Necklaces

With exquisitely crafted pieces that are sure to make heads turn, our necklace collection will be the dramatic highlight of your entire outfit.
Beautiful diamond necklace with emerald stone work worn on a black mannequin
KNA903Sweet Symphony Diamond Necklace
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KNA913Starry Night Diamond Necklace
SKU: KNA913 Category:


KNA758Scintillating Scallops Diamond Choker Necklace
SKU: KNA758 Category:



KNA798Resplendant Kaasu Malai Diamond Long Necklace
SKU: KNA798 Category:



KNA739Regal Opulence Necklace
SKU: KNA739 Category:



KNA826Regal Diamond Necklace
SKU: KNA826 Category:


KNA883Persian Princess Diamond Choker
SKU: KNA883 Category:


KNA881Golden Allure Diamond Necklace
SKU: KNA881 Category:


KNA832Flight of Fantasy Diamond Choker Necklace
SKU: KNA832 Category:



KNA841Evergreen Sparkle Diamond Necklace
SKU: KNA841 Category:


Add Sparkle to Your Life With Dazzling Diamond Necklace Designs

Want to grab the spotlight at a function or stand out from the crowd at a wedding? Get yourself a diamond necklace from Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, Chennai! These enticing and alluring stones forged from the womb of Mother Earth are some of nature's most precious gifts.

Khwaahish offers certified, high-quality diamonds set in precious metals and handcrafted exclusively to make any occasion special. We offer a stunning array of designs set in 18k carats of gold. Our intricately crafted diamond neckpieces can be worn alone or matched with an equally stunning pair of earrings or a set of dazzling diamond bangles.

State Your Love With a Diamond Necklace

If you're looking for the perfect diamond necklace designs in Chennai to express your love for your partner or respect for your mother, you've come to the right place. At Khwaahish, we have everything from understated classics to extravagantly-encrusted intricate pieces. You can also choose from our range of designer diamond pendant sets that align with your budget.

Khwaahish diamond necklaces will captivate the hearts of your loved ones with their sparkling sophistication. We make unique, diamond-encrusted creations for every occasion.

Khwaahish: The Best Place for Budget-Friendly Prices & Amazing Choices

Khwaahish is the only showroom in Chennai that offers an extensive array of dazzling diamond necklaces in various shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. Our professional sales team will help you choose the most appropriate piece that suits your occasion, style, and budget. 

With Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, you have the promise of purity, authenticity, and complete price transparency. It is our policy to ensure that all of our products are BIS-certified. Additionally, we provide a certificate detailing the specifications of each diamond at the time of purchase.

Diamond Necklace FAQs

1. Is it okay to shower with a diamond necklace?

Yes, it is okay to shower with a diamond necklace. However, you must ensure that it is securely clasped around your neck so that it doesn't fall off and slip down the drain. You must also avoid using harsh soaps and body washes because they can damage the prongs holding the diamond and also dull its shine.

2. Is it advisable to sleep with a diamond necklace?

It is not advisable to sleep with a diamond necklace because:

  • It can get lost amongst the bedding.
  • The delicate designs can get damaged.
  • The constant movement can loosen the settings and cause the diamonds to fall off.
  • Your hair can get entangled in the designs and cause damage.
3. When should a diamond necklace be cleaned?
Cleaning your diamond necklace often to remove the residual oil and dirt lodged on the stone and metal is important. This consistent care will help maintain the shine and glitter of your precious diamonds.
4. What is the recommended length of a diamond necklace?

The length of your diamond necklace depends on your:

  • Body type
  • Neck length
  • Face structure and shape
  • Outfit
  • Occasion
5. What is the difference between a diamond necklace and a diamond pendant?
A diamond pendant is a separate entity usually attached to a chain. On the other hand, a necklace is an entire piece of jewellery worn around the neck.
6. How are diamonds securely set on a necklace?
The Prong Setting or Claw Setting is the most popular type of setting used to mount diamonds and other precious stones. Prongs are thin metal claws resting on the diamond and securely holding it in place.