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Bridal collection

"Wedding jewellery is not just a collection of precious stones put together but more."
At Khwaahish, it is love, luxury, blessings and honor crafted into a grandeur ornament. Our jewellery is a story teller, a reminder of how precious occasions in life can be. It is a legacy to be possessed and passed down from generation to generation.
We have curated a collection of pieces that best define traditions, culture and authenticity. From simple to traditional, from flamboyant to the whimsical, we have it all covered! Browse through our variety of moods and discover what resonates with you the most.


As the rituals and festivities are about to begin, the engagement is truly a celebration of the smaller moments. One that is spontaneous and heartfelt, evokes warmth and love. Find an expression through jewellery pieces that are modern and stylish.
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The Sangeeth is nothing short of an Indian mela - spilling with laughter, music and colour. The mood is easy-going and dreamy where moments are yours to fill with colours of your imagination.
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An occasion where you find traces of magic, oodles of charm and fairytales that you grew up listening to. Equal parts luxurious and elegant, this collection celebrates the romance of all things you’ve dreamed of as a little girl.
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A celebration of indigenous rituals and traditions. The collection embraces ancient cultures and pulsates with regalia and opulence resonating the soulful energy of the wedding rituals.
The millennial woman of today is an interesting medley of contrasts Strongly independent yet rooted in tradition.
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Khwaahish means Desire - a Desire to be Enchanted by all things Precious & Beautiful.

Since 2003, our brand – Khwaahish - has become Chennai’s premium destination for Diamond Jewellery designed with passion and high level of craftsmanship. At Khwaahish we nurture strong bonds with our clients with an unmatched Shopping Experience and our unparalleled focus on expectational Customer Service, making us our customer’s favourite Diamond Jeweller. This website is curated with our latest designs. Explore our In-Stock collection and experience a world of Diamond Jewellery, truly Different by Design.

All our jewels are BIS Hallmarked and studded with natural diamonds certified by International Gemmological Institutes.

Certification for the diamonds of Khwaahish.About usAbout us
The image illustrates the Khwaahish Promise to its customers.Khwaahish Promises -Mobile Version

The Khwaahish Promise

Be it a fabulous range of jewellery designs, a world-class finish, a premium shopping experience, the best in class quality control standards or a fair pricing strategy, we have benchmarked high standards because we value your trust & relations, and strive to be your favourite personalised family jeweller for all occasions.

Bedecking the Bride in You With The Finest Wedding Diamond Jewellery

Khwaahish is the premier destination for high-quality diamond wedding jewellery in Chennai. We treat every customer like a celebrity and every bride as an even greater treasure. We go to great lengths to craft the most elegant and opulent bridal diamond jewellery that combines a touch of tradition and rare sophistication.

Each exquisite piece is studded with naturally-sourced diamonds that dazzle with brilliance matching your happiness. Our bridal diamond jewellery collection comprises everything you want to wear on your special day. From intricate contemporary pieces to resplendent traditional jewellery and bold statement ornaments, you can find it all at Khwaahish.

Bridal Diamond Jewellery to Make Your Special Day Shine

As one of the leading diamond bridal jewellery retailers in Chennai, we at Khwaahish understand the significance of jewellery in bridal wedding shopping. Our entire wedding diamond collection is designed with a seamless blend of artisanship and creativity, embodying a harmonious fusion of vintage and contemporary styles. While staying up-to-date with the latest trends, our collection incorporates contemporary designs intricately woven with elements from the North and South. In short, we like to spoil you for choices with our beguiling array of modern heirlooms crafted from gold, natural diamonds, and coloured gemstones.

Come to Khwaahish & start your life journey with our jewellery pieces crafted especially for you.

Let’s Understand More About Diamond Bridal Jewellery

1. How trustworthy is it to buy bridal diamond jewellery online?

As long as you purchase it from a trusted and reputed diamond bridal jeweller like Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, Chennai, it is completely trustworthy. We are a trusted destination for natural diamonds that come with:

  • Complete quality testing
  • Valued certification
  • Return policy
  • Affordable EMI schemes
  • Khwaahish value and promise

2. What should I look for in a diamond wedding ring?

Any piece of diamond jewellery is a lifetime investment. A wedding diamond ring is more than just an investment- it is a lifetime memory. Hence you must ensure that the diamond ring of your choice fulfils all the factors, such as:

  • Your budget
  • Personal preferences
  • 4 C’s of diamond quality (Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Colour)

3. Does Khwaahish provide customised bridal jewellery?

Khwaahish is one of Chennai's premier bridal diamond jewellery shops providing customisation services exclusively for brides. We create bespoke diamond jewellery that reflects your unique style and preferences. Moreover, our expert designers collaborate closely with you to achieve your vision. What is unique about Khwaahish diamond jewellery is that each diamond is sourced and harvested naturally, thereby making them all the more valuable.

4. When purchasing diamond jewellery for my wedding, what should I take into account?

The factors you should consider when buying diamond wedding jewellery are:

  • Compatibility with your wedding outfit
  • Variety and diversity of the collection
  • Latest trends in diamond jewellery
  • Contemporary styles
  • Metal colours

Lastly, it is important to know if the diamonds are naturally sourced. Khwaahish is one of the top-rated wedding diamond jewellery shops in Chennai that offers natural diamonds at affordable prices.

5. What should I do to keep my bridal diamond jewellery in good condition?

We will provide you with basic maintenance, cleaning, storage, and care guidelines when you purchase bridal jewellery from Khwaahish. You can also reach out to our exclusive team of jewellery experts for professional cleaning and inspection.