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Khwaahish logo with their emblem in white background and golden letters.
Khwaahish logo with white background and golden letters.
The Imperial Empress 3 In 1 Stackable Diamond Ring from Khwaahish.

The Millennial Makeover: Altering the Jewellery Industry in India

January 29, 2024

Born between the early 80s and the mid-90s, the millennial generation has grown up witnessing significant shifts in technology, society, and fashion. The millennials, now within the age group of 25-40, are the breadwinners of the present time.

As the first generation to witness the dawn of the digital age, the millennials are pioneers in creating new trends and reshaping norms, even in fashion and jewellery.

What Drives Millennial Jewellery Trends

As far as jewellery is concerned, millennials are constantly revolutionising the industry with their vogue trends and bold tastes. This generation wants pragmatic, unconventional, fashion-forward, trendy jewellery that can be worn on multiple occasions.

Since millennials comprise a significant part of the consumer market, brands zealously cater to their exploratory nature- a classic millennial characteristic. This neoteric generation is redefining the jewellery industry by:

  • Browsing social media platforms to unearth voguish jewellery styles that cater to their tastes.
  • Combining modernistic, minimalistic, and pragmatic. For example, millennials prefer showcasing diamond watches – not relevant to use but wearing earrings with minimalistic designs.
  • Focussing on brands selling the entire product experience, including the history of the jewellery, its source, the aestheticism, and customer service.

With their well-rounded choices, this generation sets disruptive jewellery trends encompassing daily wear to exclusive utility. Let’s check out the millennial propensity for jewellery.

7 Millennial-Inspired Jewellery Trends That Are Here to Stay

1. Love for coloured gemstones.

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethyst, garnet, or topaz- the millennials love them all. They express their style and individual personality by showcasing genuine gemstones in rings, earrings, or pendants. Gemstone jewellery has a special place in every millennial fashion lover’s wishlist. A sizeable population of them willingly purchase certified coloured gemstones as a part of their investment.

Khwaahish aids their indulgence with the Iconic Emerald and Diamond Ring and the Dazzling Deluge Diamond Pendant. The graceful and glamorous pendant featuring dazzling white diamonds and a Red Topaz is designed to accentuate femininity with grace.
The Dazzling Deluge Diamond Pendant studded with white diamonds and a Red Topaz from Khwaahish.

2. Preference for customisation.

Millennials are very conscious about standing out from the crowd, regardless of whether they wear an elaborate neckpiece or a simple solitaire diamond earring. Exclusivity is their way of bringing the A game. Thanks to their penchant for uniqueness, customised jewellery is very much in vogue.

They consider it an expression of their personality to wear their own name on a pendant. Khwaahish offers several customisation options to make their jewellery choices valuable, fashionable, and meaningful in every possible way.

3. The minimalism mantra.

Minimalism is the trending word for millennials and Gen Zers alike. In jewellery, large, outlandish, chunky pieces are out. Clean shapes, intricate designs, and soft tones are in. What’s driving the minimalist trend is the modern woman’s need for fuss-free and pragmatic options. Moreover, they are moving away from materialism and embracing simplicity.

At Khwaahish, there is no dearth of minimalistic jewellery. A classic example is our 0.25 ct Elevated Glory Solitaire Diamond Ring, with its central round solitaire encircled by shimmering diamonds. This piece is the very embodiment of minimalistic elegance preferred by millennials. The ring is set in 18K gold and reflects the “less is more” trend as a subtle and striking piece.

The Elevated Glory Solitaire Diamond Ring studded with 0.25ct solitaire diamond.

4. More modish, more style.

Millennials want minimalism but will not compromise on being stylish and chic. Who doesn’t like making a style statement and turning heads in this modern world?

For the millennial woman, it is gratifying to elevate their style, set the trend, and become the talk of the town with their style statements. From working women to homemakers, owning a piece of elegantly designed, lightweight diamond jewellery is a goal.

This Dazzle with Angelic Diamond Ear Cuffs from Khwaahish perfectly captures the modern millennial trend.
 A pair of Angelic Diamond Ear Cuffsfrom Khwaahish.

5. Slaying with stackables.

Stacking multiple rings on a single finger, adorning the neck with lengthwise chains, and wearing multiple bracelets on the wrist is the millennial trend that even Gen Zers like.

Stackable jewellery is the befitting trend for millennials seeking something more unique and expressive. The trend is so popular that it has become something of a contemporary cult. Stackable jewellery allows more room for experimentation with thick and thin rings, diversely-shaped solitaires and various hues of gold.

Khwaahish’s exquisite collection of diamond bracelets is all you need to elevate your style. Take a look at the Beautiful Belle Diamond Chain Bracelet, Classic Stunner Diamond Chain Bracelet and Precious Petal Diamond Chain Bracelet from Khwaahish.
The Beautiful Belle Diamond Chain Bracelet in rose gold from Khwaahish.


6. Sophisticated solitaires

Nothing says “less is more” better than a solitaire diamond. Millennials are clever enough to understand it is a trend that never goes out of style because it is classy, easy to pull off, and functional. Solitaire diamond rings elevate the stackable trend with flair and flamboyance.

Khwaahish’s 0.15 Octavia Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is a magnificent jewel, bursting with the brilliance of a solitaire encircled by twelve round diamonds.
0.15 Octavia Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring made from VVS EF diamond quality with 0.24 carat diamonds

7. Online shopping preference.

The Indian jewellery sector has witnessed a significant increase in online shopping- a trend driven by millennials seeking the convenience of purchasing 18k and trendy diamond jewellery. Although many shoppers prefer visiting the showroom to purchase expensive jewellery, the allure of safe, streamlined, and authentic online shopping is not lost on them.

Catering to this millennial trend is Khwaahish eshop, a secure online diamond marketplace showcasing exclusive pieces from the house of Khwaahish. Our eshop features the Galaxy, Gatsby, and Glitz collections. Each one is a carefully curated assemblage of the finest pieces of jewellery.

Wrapping Up

The millennials are a unique generation born after the traditionally-rooted Generation X, and before the digitally-sound Generation Z. Hence, it is not surprising that their impact is rubbing off on the entire world. So, when purchasing jewellery for millennials, it is best to keep these trends in mind to zero in on the right choice.

Khwaahish has a wide range of collections that embrace this dynamic millennial shift and resonate with their preferences. We are one of the most reputed diamond jewellery shops in Chennai for ethically sourced and certified natural diamonds. We also offer customisation to suit your need for minimalistic designs.

Visit our showroom or browse through our website. Prepare to be enthralled with the finest jewellery for all generations.

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