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An Ultimate Buying Guide for Diamonds

Buying diamonds is not easy! If you are going to get the latest diamond jewellery in any reputed outlet in Chennai, you must be a pro to choose the right one. How to select the best diamond at a reasonable price? We have consolidated an entire purchasing guide below, and if you are a first-time buyer, this article will benefit you. Keep reading to learn what to look for in diamonds beyond the 4Cs. We have covered all the factors one should be aware of before buying diamonds.

Consider Alternatives When Buying Trendy Diamond Jewellery

Without any doubt, diamond is expensive! If you are a first-time buyer, you will find it more pricey than you initially anticipated. Therefore, it is advisable to work on your finances, fix a budget and then go ahead with your purchase. Have a look at the diamond prices to find out what you will be able to afford. You will have to compromise on certain factors to suit your affordability, but that does not mean you should buy a low-quality diamond. So how do you get a good deal on the latest diamond jewellery? The answer is simple. Buy a diamond with a low-carat weight. The size of the stone is the best way to get a good diamond without compromising on quality.

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Now let us consider the alternatives for mined diamonds. Lab-made diamonds are gaining more popularity in recent times. Although both mined and lab-made diamonds are durable and look the same, the lab-made ones are 30% less in cost when compared to mined ones. However, the quality remains the same, so if you are looking for a great deal, you must consider investing in lab-made trendy diamond jewellery.

Importance of Four C’s While Purchasing the Latest Diamond Jewellery

Every trendy diamond jewellery these days comes with a gem certificate from GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The certificate gives a detailed report on the stone’s quality, including the four C’s, which are:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat

Although these grades are the first indication of the quality of a diamond, you still need to examine a stone closely before buying it. The most important is the cut quality. A well-defined cut will give better clarity and colour to the diamond stone. It makes the imperfections of the diamond less noticeable. A well-cut diamond will appear larger than its original size and appear brighter. Therefore, one should never compromise the cut quality standard while purchasing trendy diamond jewellery.

The next important aspect of a diamond is the carat weight. It has a great impact on the cost. Diamond costs go up with every carat, which is used as a benchmark for diamond pricing. But if you wonder how to make the best deal here, you must opt for face-up diamonds. Most of us do not understand that the face-up area of a ½carat diamond is bigger than ½ of a 1-carat diamond. You can get the latest diamond jewellery at the best price if you buy them at a lower carat weight.

Colour and clarity are the grading scales for any diamond jewellery. The colour must be colourless, and the clarity should be flawless for a diamond stone to be top-quality. You should not pay more for colour and clarity if they don’t show a major difference. For example, if a colour D diamond charges you more but the next colour H looks the same, invest in H colour. Similarly, SI1 diamonds are not very different from F clarity ones. Therefore, you can buy any trendy diamond jewellery of SI1 clarity and save more money.


Other Essential Aspects to Consider When Choosing Diamonds

Diamonds come in various shapes, but consumers prefer the round ones better than other shapes. Trendy diamond jewellery mounted with non-round diamonds is usually available at a discounted price because of the less demand for these diamonds. Non-round diamonds appear bigger than round ones as they are elongated in shape. The second most preferred diamond shape after the round one is square princess cut, pear and oval.

Always look for the latest diamond jewellery that fits your personality and style. This will create a big difference when you wear it. Some people prefer a huge band of diamonds, whereas others love a simple halo setting. Certain people like solitaire settings, while the rest prefer a pattern with added sparkle and bling. The metal colour and setting are the other factors you must consider when shopping for diamonds in big cities like Chennai and Mumbai. The metal colour can be yellow, rose or white gold, and the setting can be intricate, plain or a blend of both.

Research well before buying any diamond, as you will be paying a huge amount. Start training yourself by following the steps we have mentioned above and try making a worthy purchase. Check whether the diamond looks good on you as it is the key to your happiness. Your latest diamond jewellery purchase will be a disaster if you dislike its appearance. By shopping at a renowned physical store in big cities like Chennai with numerous trials, you will be able to examine the stone properly.

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Last But Not Least

Online purchase is convenient and simple when buying trendy diamond jewellery from Khwaahish. All you have to do online is to select the diamonds based on your likes and needs. Moreover, online has a lot of varieties to offer which is unavailable in the offline market. But if you are walking into a brick-and-mortar store in Chennai or other big cities of India, ensure that the shopkeeper gives you more details about the diamond’s cut, clarity, colour and carat. Make sure they allow you to analyse the product under magnification and from various angles. Follow your instinct and make the right choice!

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