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Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery's Make a Wish Collections

Make A Wish
with Khwaahish

Welcome to a world of beautifully crafted diamond jewels.

1000’s of designs with just one promise: experience a world of beautifully crafted exquiste diamond jewellery.

We at Khwaahish are of the firm belief that jewellery is a personal experience. Leaving behind the monotony of standard designs, we embody our ethos "different by design" by creating stellar jewellery pieces.

At Khwaahish, we like to make wishes come true, and dreams turn into reality. We love to create things of extreme beauty, and we love to cater to the requirements of our patrons. This passion has led to Khwaahish becoming the home for custom-made jewellery over the years. Our customers have come to find comfort in partnering with us to create the most wondrous creations they have in their minds.

From Factory To Finish

We have complete control of the process that allows us to create and mould intricate and authentic pieces of jewellery into reality. Crafted with natural diamonds and gems, we create splendid pieces of magnificent jewellery that meet your exact requirements down to the finest details.

Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery's factory to production designs.
Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery's Make a Wish Collecton
With a passion for creating masterpieces and a work culture that drives innovation and excellence, Khwaahish has found comfort in customized jewellery making.


Make a Wish
with Khwaahish.