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Diamond Guide: What to Know Before You Buy

Diamond is a timeless classic! You can never get your eyes off the perfectly colourless and sparkling stone. We all know the diamond is a precious stone. But there are various types of diamonds with specific properties. They vary in colour, shape, carat and clarity. To reach out to the best diamond jewellers in Chennai and shop for the most exquisite pattern, you must first know about the kinds of diamonds. This article covers all the available diamonds on our earth.

Technical Classifications of Diamonds as Stated by Famous Diamond Jewellers in Chennai

A single diamond stone can belong to more than one technical classification of diamonds. The four types of diamonds under this category are:

Type Ia Diamonds

Type Ia diamonds are commonly found in most of the best diamond jewellers in Chennai. These have a yellow tinge because more amounts of nitrogen are scattered in clusters. These stones have a few more sub-categories depending on the nitrogen aggregation.

Type IIa Diamonds

Type IIa diamonds are rare to be found. It has an exceptional sparkle and is one of the valuable stones you can find with the famous diamond jewellers in Chennai. Type IIa diamonds have fluorescent properties with no nitrogen content. These diamonds are found in different shapes as they are formed under intense pressure under the earth’s surface.

Type Ib Diamonds

Type Ib diamonds are another rare variety of precious stones with nitrogen atoms scattered throughout the stone. They are generally orange, brown or deep yellow. You can find them with the best diamond jewellers in Chennai.

Type IIb Diamonds

Type IIB does not have nitrogen atoms but has boron along with carbon. These diamonds are blue or bluish-grey. They are good conductors of electricity and if you want to buy them, reach out to famous diamond jewellers in Chennai.

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Different Types of Diamonds Used by Best Diamond Jewellers in Chennai

People in the diamond market classify diamonds with the basic names as follows:

  1. Natural diamonds are the standard diamond variety with a bright sparkle and are colourless.
  2. Treated diamonds are enhanced natural diamonds with artificial inclusion filing and colour addition. These diamond stones are cheaper than natural ones.
  3. Coloured diamonds are in great demand, and they occur in yellow, purple, blue, pink, red, violet, white, grey, green and black.
  4. Man-made diamonds are the ones that are developed in laboratories with advanced techniques that are cheap and easy. Thus, they are less expensive than naturally occurring diamond stones showcased by famous diamond jewellers in Chennai.


Diamond Varieties Based on Four Cs

Four Cs are one of the popularly used methods to categorise diamonds based on the diamond grades.


The colour of the diamond is the first thing anybody will notice. People may prefer the colour based on their budget and personal taste. Colourless diamonds are of great value even though they may have a brown or yellow hue which is not visible to the naked eye. The yellow tinge in diamonds is due to the presence of nitrogen. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades diamonds from D to Z, out of which D is of premium colour (usually colourless), and Z is of poor colour quality (with heavy tint). The best diamond jewellers in Chennai procure more D-colour diamond ornaments to stand out from their competitors. Usually, the diamonds with tints that can be seen with the naked eye are categorised as K colour. The tints are noticeable beyond the S colour at all angles.


When you contact the famous diamond jewellers in Chennai, you will see them describing the stone’s quality with VVS. Clarity is a measure of the flaws in a diamond. According to the clarity, diamonds are classified into:

  1. FL- Flawless diamonds with no blemishes or inclusions are termed FL diamonds. Skilled graders use 10x magnification to check their clarity.
  2. IF- Internally flawless diamonds that contain blemishes and no inclusions fall under the IF category, and these blemishes can be seen when viewed under a 10x magnifying glass.
  3. VVS1 & VVS2- These diamonds have slightly included inclusions when viewed with a 10X magnifying glass. This is the most commonly used clarity by the best diamond jewellers in Chennai.
  4. VS1 & VS2- Minor inclusions are visible in these stones when viewed under a 10x magnifying glass.
  5. SI1 & SI2- When viewed under 10x magnification, noticeable inclusions are seen in these diamonds.
  6. I1, I2 & I3- These diamonds have obvious inclusions under 10x magnifying glass with reduced brilliance and transparency.



Carat is the measurement of the size and weight of a diamond stone. The larger the diamond, the higher its value. Famous diamond jewellers in Chennai have numerous affordable diamonds of great quality. A high-carat diamond is of greater value than one with a low carat. A pure and colourless diamond of one carat is better than a large diamond stone with lesser clarity. Therefore, carat is an important factor to consider while buying diamonds as it indicates diamond quality.


Cut refers to a diamond stone’s finish, proportion, polish and symmetry. It is a visible feature which is enhanced through cutting techniques. A diamond’s cut affects the sparkle, brilliance, scintillation, and brightness. The cut-based classification includes:

  • EX- Excellent
  • VG- Very Good
  • G- Good
  • F- Fair
  • P- Poor

The best diamond jewellers in Chennai have various well-polished, symmetrical diamonds with VG or EX cut quality.

The Bottom-line

An obvious feature of the diamond is its shape. The shape can vary from one diamond to another based on how they are cut. Common shapes are round, princess-cut, oval, pear-shaped and emerald-cut diamonds. The shape will affect the clarity and brilliance of diamonds and if you are looking for the best diamond, reach out to Khwaahish, one among the famous diamond jewellers in Chennai. With the above guide, you must be able to choose the perfect diamond jewellery without any professional guidance hereafter. Good luck!

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