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Unveiling the Mystique of December’s Birthstones

January 25, 2024

December is a special month. It signifies the end of the year and heralds the new one. It brings the cheer of Christmas, the promise of gifts, and the hope of love and peace for the forthcoming year. December is when the entire world is in a festive mood.

Above all, December has four birthstones to boast about, and each one bears a unique significance and story.

December: The Lucky Month With Four Birthstones

December is the only month of the year to have more birthstones than any other month. Individuals born in December are considered lucky since they have four beautiful gemstones to choose from, all of which are blue in colour.

We have Tanzanite, Turquoise, Blue Zircon, and Blue Topaz- four equally dazzling gemstones to purchase for yourself or gift to someone special.

Although topaz and zircon are available in other colours, the stunning blue shades have been picked out specifically as December birthstones. But why?

Let’s take a journey to explore the significance of each birthstone for the month of December. These interesting insights will help you choose the perfect stone to make December birthdays special.

A pair of Cool Pool Diamond Earrings studded with emerald cut Kashmir blue topaz and diamonds from Khwaahish.

The Sparkling Blue Topaz: History & Significance

Generally, topaz is colourless by the blue variety obtained by the irradiation of the colourless gem. Blue topaz comes in various shades, like sky blue with a faint bluish-white sparkle.

Khwaahish offers a pair of stunning earrings featuring a cool blue square-shaped topaz surrounded by double squares embedded with .10 ct.t.w white topaz gems. (Not white topaz – they are diamonds)  The centre blue topaz sits on a sterling silver setting, not silver – it’s white gold setting representing the tropics’ shimmery blue waters.

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Topaz has origins dating back to the Greeks and Egyptians. Esteemed in Hindu mythology for symbolising purity, protection, and self-expression, topaz is associated with Lord Shiva and Agni, the Fire God, representing renewal and the winter sky.

The Iridescent Turquoise: a Reminiscence of Winter Skies & Blue Waters

Turquoise, known for its range of blues and bluish-greens and reminiscent of wintry landscapes, has adorned cultures from the Aztecs to the ancient Egyptians, famously used in King Tut’s tomb.

Today, it holds cultural significance, revered as Tibet’s national gem and cherished by Native American tribes like the Zuni, Navajo, and Pueblo for its symbolism and beauty.

A pair of Treasured Azure Diamond Earrings studded with oval blue topaz and diamonds from Khwaahish.

The Infinitely Desirable Zircon

The name Zircon comes from the Persian word “Zargun,” which means “golden-hued.” It is a perfect name for a gemstone featuring a diverse colour range, including green, blue, orange, brown, yellow, red, and clear hues.

Zircon is believed to possess healing properties. Clear zircon is immensely popular and has been used as a non-diamond alternative from the nineteenth century to this day.

Rare and Exquisite Tanzanite

Tanzanite was first unearthed in the lofty heights of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, lending exclusivity to this stone of singular origin.

Tanzanite displays a beautiful range of blues, purples, and indigos, each with unique meanings. Indigo-shaded tanzanites represent wisdom and spiritual insight, whereas the light lavender tones represent sophistication and tranquillity. However, tanzanite is best described as a bluish-violet stone that changes to a violet shade in warmer and blue shades in cool lighting. Known as a blood detoxifier, fear-reliever, and life revitaliser, tanzanite was recently indicted on the December birthstone list.

The Azure Radiance Diamond Ring from the house of Khwaahish, with its enchanting Tanzanite centre stone, encircled by sparkling diamonds, is a stunning tribute to December’s birthstone. This ring, embodying the unique heritage and deep, celestial blue of Tanzanite, is a symbol of the elegance and mystique associated with December’s gemstone.

A beautiful Azure Radiance Diamond Ring studded with Tanzanite and diamonds from Khwaahish.

Find Your December Birthstones at Khwaahish

The quest for December birthstones can be an exhilarating adventure through a tapestry of rich culture and history steeped in time. Each December gemstone is replete with significance, symbolism, and meaning that’s woven into the very fabric of society for ages.

For those born in December, Khwaahish is the perfect source of gemstones that reflect their multifaceted personalities. We are one of the most famous diamond jewellers in Chennai, offering a wide range of rings, bracelets, and necklaces for you to choose from.

Come to Khwaahish and make December extra special with your favourite birthstone.

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