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Summary of Diamond Ring Shapes & How Cuts Affect Them

Shapes play a significant role in diamond jewellery. Diamonds are classified into fancy and round diamonds. The fancy ones are in the shape of pear, oval, heart, princess cut, etc. In contrast, round diamonds are the most commonly used ones with brilliant cuts. If you are wondering how to purchase diamond rings in Chennai, you are in the right place. We will cover the different kinds of diamond rings in the article below.

All You Need to Know About a Diamond Shape & Cut

Diamond shape and diamond cut are two different things. The cut is associated with the light interaction, whereas the shape is the geometric appearance of the stone. Cut can enhance a diamond stone’s symmetry and brilliance without causing any change to its shape. Diamond shapes are sometimes referred to as cuts because the cutting procedure will decide the shape of a raw diamond. The most expensive diamonds are round, brilliant and symmetrical ones cut with great precision. Most of the diamond rings in Chennai concentrate more on cut quality as it enhances the overall look of the stone. Such diamonds are priced higher than any other diamond stone with the same clarity, colour and cut quality. If you are wondering why it costs more, the reason is simple.

  • The cutting process involves manual work.
  • Nearly 60% of the raw diamond goes to waste while processing.

Best Shape & Cut Grades for Diamond Ring- An Overview

Elongated-shaped diamonds are the perfect ones for a ring as they appear bigger than their original size. Be it square or round; they look large. The other diamond shapes which seem bigger than their original size are the pear, oval, and marquise cut ones. Among the mentioned shapes, the marquise cut is the one which appears the largest. Therefore, marquise cuts are widely used in making bridal diamond rings in Chennai. When talking about the illusion the diamond shapes create, it is essential to know about the ones that appear smaller than their original size. They are cushion, Asscher and princess cuts because of their width ratio and square length.

Pear Opulence Diamond Ring made from VVS EF diamond quality with 2.27 carat diamonds

The cutting procedure increases the facets by improving the reflection of light to create a better sparkling effect. As the angles greatly impact the facets, the cut quality is of utmost importance in processing a diamond stone. Types of cut grades used in making diamond rings in Chennai are:

  • Excellent cut- These diamonds are crafted with utmost precision to create the best sparkle and brilliance without any light leakage. Only three per cent of the diamonds in the world fall under this category, and around fifty-five per cent of these diamonds are round brilliant-cut ones.
  • Very good cut- Highly brilliant diamonds with minimal light leakage fall under this grade. Approximately fifteen per cent of the world’s diamonds belong to this grade.
  • Good cut- Nearly twenty-five per cent of the world’s diamonds fall under this category, and these have a bright shine and sparkle even though they leak light slightly. Most of the diamond rings in Chennai are cut with high precision to fulfil the ‘good cut’ grade criteria.
  • Fair & poor cut- These diamonds leak light in higher quantities. They are too deep or shallow and therefore have very little brilliance without sufficient sparkle.

List of Popular Diamond Ring Shapes

The popular diamond ring shapes are:

Round Brilliant-cut Diamond

Round brilliant cut diamonds have the highest brilliance, and almost two-thirds of the diamonds sold belong to this category. These diamonds have nearly 58 facets and therefore have a complete internal reflection. The cut quality will greatly impact these diamonds; therefore, great care must be taken when making solitaire rings. Round brilliant-cut diamonds have a perfect length-to-width ratio of 1 to 1.03. According to a survey, most brides have recently picked these diamonds for their engagement rings.

Oval Cut Diamond

You can pick oval cut diamonds if you prefer wearing a ring with a similar lustre like round cut diamonds. They have a length-to-width ratio of 1.3 to 1.5, and you can customise them according to your taste. Oval-cut diamonds are elongated in shape and look bigger than they actually are. They are value for money and so used in making a variety of diamond rings in Chennai.

VVS EF Grade Mesmerising Emerald Diamond Ring with 2.88 carat diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond

The second most popular diamond rings in Chennai are the princess cut ones. They are either rectangular or square, creating a unique colour in every corner. The length-to-width ratio of these diamonds is 1.5 to 2 for rectangular models and 1 to 1.05 for square ones. The rings made with princess-cut diamonds have prongs on all the corners to prevent damage. The advantage of using this cut is that it has a similar brilliance to the round model and is priced less.

Marquise Diamond

Marquise diamond has been popular since the period of King Louis XIV. It was designed during his period when he wanted a diamond stone that resembled the lips of his mistress. These diamonds have a large crown with a narrow body and a length-to-width ratio of 1.85 to 2.1. If you purchase marquise diamond rings in Chennai, watch out for symmetry as these are unusually long.

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Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart-shaped diamonds symbolise love. While getting heart-shaped diamond rings in Chennai, ensure they are less than 0.5 in carat and are mounted with prongs. These diamonds have a perfect length-to-width ratio which is exactly 1. If the ratio is below one, the heart will appear short and chubby, whereas if the ratio is above 1.1, the heart will seem to be stretched and elongated.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds have one side rounded with the other tapered and belong to one of the popular diamond rings in Chennai. These diamonds are a combination of round and marquise-shaped diamonds. Pear-shaped diamonds have a length-to-width ratio of 1.45 to 1.75. However, you can make them broader or narrow by varying the ratio.

The Takeaway

Now that you know everything you need before purchasing a diamond ring, you can confidently walk into any diamond outlet. For trendy diamond jewellery, browse our collection of diamond jewellery from our Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery website.

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