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The Diamond Bracelet After-purchase Care Guide

Congratulations on your new purchase of a Khwaahish diamond bracelet Chennai! You have just invested in an heirloom that will dazzle generations in your family! At Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, we care deeply about the jewellery we create and sell. So to ensure that you have the optimal experience with your purchase, we have put together a handy guide on how you can care for your diamond bracelet or other diamond jewellery.

Let’s consider different aspects of diamond jewellery care and maintenance.

Storage: How to Ensure Your Khwaahish Diamond Bracelet, Chennai, Will Last Longer

1. Keep it away from other jewellery

This is a good principle to practice with most types of jewellery. Clunking all your jewellery into one purse or a single drawer is the worst way to store them. Not only will you lose sight of the more expensive pieces, but there is also a danger of metals reacting, stones getting loosened when knocking against other surfaces, diamonds scratching or damaging more delicate jewellery, etc. Instead, it is best to store more expensive jewellery in its original cases with the soft cloth backing and the tissue wrapping or to have separate storage containers for each type of jewellery you own. This step is paramount to long lasting quality and maintenance of your pieces.

2. Limit exposure and contact with chemicals and oils.

Similar to the previous point, jewellery can react to things they encounter daily. If you wear your diamond bracelet when cleaning with harsh chemicals or cooking with oils and spices, there is a high chance of subjecting your jewellery to exposure. Diamonds may not get damaged or scratched, but the metal on the bracelet’s base can become damaged or pick up a lot of gunk and residual dirt. Both the stones and the metal can lose shine. So keep your expensive jewellery away when you are going to be using harsh chemicals or oils and spices.

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3. Be careful around sinks or places where you could lose them.

More often than not, delicate jewellery is easy to lose since they are smaller in size and can slip through cracks, fall into holes, or be hidden behind other objects. So be careful when you slip your diamond bracelets or rings off while washing your hands or going in for a shower. Getting the right jewellery size is also important so that they won’t slip off when you least expect it.

Impressive Blossoms Diamond Bracelet made from VVS EF diamond quality with 0.94 carat diamonds

Cleaning – A Necessary Step to Safeguard Your Diamond Bracelet

1. Have a cleaning routine.

When you purchase something as exquisite as diamond bracelets and jewellery, it is common practice to expect them to maintain their brilliance throughout. But in reality, diamond bracelets and jewellery need to be cleaned and maintained to keep their shine and brilliance. This is especially true of everyday wear. Create a space in your routine cleaning activity to clean out your ornaments so that they maintain their shine. There’s a simple routine you can follow described below.

All you need for cleaning your diamond jewellery includes:

  • gentle, fragrance-free detergent or liquid soap
  • warm water
  • a shallow container
  • soft cleaning instruments like a brush
  • a colander or sieve with smaller holes
  • a soft cloth

Make a solution of warm soapy water by mixing the warm water with the detergent or soap in the shallow container. Drop your diamond bracelet or other jewellery into the solution gently and let it rest for a few minutes. Once it has soaked for about ten to fifteen minutes, take it out and gently brush with your soft brush or jewellery brush. Make sure you observe stones that may be loose at this time. At all costs, avoid vigorous rubbing!

Ensure you rub between the stones and flip the piece over to clean the band. Look for any trace of stubborn or lodged gunk. If the piece needs a little more soaking time, keep it to a minimum and repeat brushing. Finally, wash off the soap with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Strain the waste water through the sieve or colander to catch any dislodged stones.

Several variations are possible to the cleaning solution you use, but as with any other valuable, it is best to check with an expert like your jeweller whether your piece will withstand it. Here are a few ideas to enhance the brilliance of your diamond bracelet:

  • Let’s start with the most mundane: Use toothpaste on your jewellery brush and gently scrub your diamonds for a brilliant shine. Surprisingly, denture tablets are also great for shining diamonds. Break one into a glass of water and let your diamond bracelet rest in the solution for a few minutes. Rinse it off and see your diamonds shine!
  • If you have gold diamond jewellery, create a shiner paste using a bit of baking soda and water and apply it to your piece. Pour a mildly acidic liquid like vinegar or lime juice over this and let it bubble over as it reacts. Once it settles down, rinse the piece and gently dry it.
  • If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, follow the Reader’s Digest tip and leave your diamond bracelet in a glass of club soda for a night. Rinse off in the morning and enjoy a magnificently sparkly diamond bracelet!
  • For the glamorous person, RD suggests a brief vodka soak for beautifying your diamond bracelet.


1. Don’t use scented products for cleaning

Perfumes tarnish silver and other reactive metals in your jewellery. So it is important to keep your expensive pieces away from perfumed cleaners and other products that may have fragrances and other reactive additives.

2. Keep away from heavy moisturisers and make-up that can cause build-up

On the same note as the previous point, heavy products like moisturisers, oils, and make-up products can cause your jewellery to gather build-up of gunk which can tarnish the metal in your jewellery or cause clouding in the diamonds or other gemstones.
Human wearing the Impressive Blossoms Diamond Bracelet

Maintenance: The Final Step

For long-term maintenance of your diamond piece, store it away safely when engaging in cleaning activities, gardening or showering, or use gloves or protective equipment.

Have white-gold and other similar metal bands re-plated or polished and cleaned professionally at periodic intervals.

Leave it to the expert

The best way to make an informed investment is to take the advice of an expert. Always approach your jeweller for any queries, clarifications, fittings, repairs or modifications to ensure the best experience.

Make sure you have a warranty

Always buy expensive jewellery with a warranty so that you are ensured a genuine piece.


Add the jewellery to a larger insurance scheme, or get specialized insurance to protect your investment from loss, theft or damage.

In conclusion

As one of the most famous diamond jewellers in Chennai, we at Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery are proud of the authentic experience we give our customers. Drop in for your next diamond jewellery purchase, or visit our expert jewellers for advice or maintenance of your Khwaahish purchases. We are always happy to help!

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