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How to Choose Diamond Bracelets Based on Carat Weight

One of the important aspects to consider when shopping for a diamond bracelet is the carat size. As many people get confused with the technical descriptions explained by experts while buying a diamond bracelet Chennai, we have simplified the guide to diamond carats in the article below.

A Brief on Diamond Carats

Diamond carats are a measure of the diamond’s weight. The size and weight of a diamond are directly proportional, influencing the price of any diamond bracelet Chennai. Besides the carat of diamond stones, the other facts that impact the price of diamond jewellery are the colour, cut and clarity.

Generally, the heavier the diamond stone, the higher its price. If there are visible flaws, blemishes with unattractive colour and cut, the diamond will cost less even though they are heavy. As there are a few other factors that decide the price of diamonds, you have to look into each one of them when purchasing a diamond bracelet Chennai.

Importance of Carats While Purchasing a Diamond Bracelet

A diamond bracelet is a modern and elegant ornament that goes well with any attire. Although they accentuate the look of any outfit, they vary with carat weight in terms of value, appearance and price. You can find stunning and expensive bracelets with larger diamond stones. Ensure that the large stones do not have visible blemishes. When you buy a diamond bracelet Chennai with large diamond stones, only fewer stones will be able to accommodate the bracelet. A bracelet with small carat diamond stones means that there will be a lot of diamonds on it.

Approximately a diamond bracelet with two-carat stones will have around 72 diamonds. On the other hand, if the bracelet contains ten-carat diamonds, it will roughly contain thirty-eight stones. You should understand that the number of diamonds and carat size will impact the ornament cost. If you buy a diamond bracelet Chennai with embellishment, you will have to pay extra. Any bracelet with a single row of diamond stones will cost less than a bracelet with two or more rows of diamonds.
VVS EF Grade Ravishing Opulence Diamond Bracelet with 1.5 carat diamonds
Most of the diamond bracelets will have either three or four carats. As we know that the number of carats will influence the type of bracelet, there are diamond bracelets with carats ranging between two to ten. In a renowned jewellery store, you can find a premium diamond bracelet made with more than ten carats.

Keeping in mind all the above-discussed points, you must never opt for a diamond bracelet that contains diamond stones less than one carat. This is because lesser carat stone may be of low quality. Smaller diamonds with poor quality are mostly discoloured or contain inclusions which are not visible to the naked eye. To overcome these flaws, reputed jewellers make the lab-grown diamond bracelet Chennai.

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Lab-grown diamonds have optical, physical and chemical properties similar to natural diamonds and do not look any different from mined ones. The lab-made diamonds are perfect to such an extent that even diamond detectors fail to detect them. You can purchase a lab-made diamond bracelet Chennai with a high-quality and spectacular look with any carat weight.

Tips to Save Money on a Diamond Bracelet With Bigger Carat Stones

If you want to buy a diamond bracelet with a big stone, follow the steps mentioned below and invest in the right one.

Do a Proper Groundwork

Try doing a bit of window shopping! You must understand that the diamond has no standard price for a carat size. The differences may be huge and vary from one store to another. This is the reason why research and groundwork are very important. Compare and get the best price from a reputed jewellery store before buying any diamond bracelet Chennai.

Worry Less About 4Cs

By now, you must be well aware that the 4Cs affect the price of any diamond ornament. But if you want a reasonably priced diamond bracelet Chennai, you must pay less attention to the 4Cs. If you want a bigger carat diamond bracelet at the best price, ignore the blemishes, tint and cut.

Customize With Accents

Adding accents to any diamond ornament will make the diamond stone appear bigger. A one-carat diamond stone will seem like a three-carat one if it has accents surrounding it. Thus, to create an illusion that the diamond stones are big, you can get a diamond bracelet Chennai at a reasonable price with more accents.

VVS EF Grade Paradisiacal Beauty Diamond Bracelet with 1.1 carat diamonds
Consider Alternatives

Moissanite stone is the best alternative for diamond stones. It is growing in popularity because it looks identical to a diamond and costs only half the price. It is an affordable alternative as you can get a three to five-carat moissanite ring for the cost of a two to a four-carat diamond ring. Most of the popular jewellery stores selling the diamond bracelet Chennai have ornaments made of moissanite stone.

Purchase Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are an excellent option as they reflect more amounts of light and sparkle brilliantly. They are popular because they appear bigger and look more classy than other diamond cuts. If you place a round cut diamond on thin chains, they will create an illusion as they are larger than their original size. Most jewellery stores selling the diamond bracelet Chennai will have round-cut diamond ornaments.

The Bottom-line

Diamond ornaments are made of various carat sizes. By now, you would have understood how to evaluate and get the right diamond bracelet at an affordable price. Shop for the latest diamond jewellery designs on the Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery website and walk into our store in Chennai to have a look at our unique designs.

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