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Classy and sparkling diamond bracelet set on a pure leather strap for millennials and Gen Z jewellery lovers. A pair of imperial empress diamond earrings from Khwaahish's Gulz collection for millennials and Gen Z.

Diamond Jewels: A Millennial and Gen Z Fascination

September 21, 2023

Diamond Jewellery: Trends & Collections for the Gen Z & Millenials

Are you captivated by the allure of diamonds, the embodiment of opulence and style? If you’re a Millennial or part of Gen Z, navigating choices, trends, and information sources can be quite an adventure. In this blog, we’ll be your guiding light, offering insights into the digital media landscape, current trends in the industry, and your prospective buying preferences.

As we delve deeper into the fascinating world of diamonds, we’ll explore how you can curate your own distinctive collection, all while embracing the growing shift towards online shopping and the allure of alternative gemstones. Ready to set sail on this dazzling journey?

Diamonds: Millennials and Gen Z’s Modern Luxury Must-Have

In the world of luxury, diamonds have transcended their classic status as a girl’s best friend, now captivating the desires of both Millennials and Gen Z. According to a recent survey by the Natural Diamond Council, diamond jewellery has risen to the top of the luxury wishlist, surpassing electronics, clothes, cosmetics, handbags, accessories, perfume, shoes, and even watches among these age groups.

Initially facing challenges in marketing to millennials, the jewellery industry has successfully pivoted to meet the evolving tastes of this demographic. Astonishingly, the survey revealed that these age groups spent a staggering sum of nearly $26 billion on diamond jewellery in the four primary markets last year, outpacing expenditures by any other generation. This shift signifies a remarkable transformation in the luxury landscape, solidifying diamonds as the coveted symbol of luxury for the newer generations.

Diamonds: Beyond the Sparkle – A Modern Love Affair

What sets diamonds apart isn’t just their brilliant sparkle—it’s a blend of enduring value, singularity, emotional resonance, and versatility that ignites fascination. Among those surveyed, a resounding 70% were captivated by the fact that each diamond is truly unique, adding to its allure. Diamonds continue to be highly sought after, prominently featured in approximately 85.5% of engagement rings. Moreover, with millennials yet to reach their peak wealth, the diamond industry stands on the cusp of an exciting opportunity.

Intriguingly, Gen Z, recognised for their mindful consumption, displays a strong affinity for natural diamond jewellery. Influential style icons like Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, Shanaya Kapoor, and Suhana Khan seamlessly blend luxury with everyday fashion, often adorning diamond jewellery with casual wear. This trend underscores their belief that sparkle is an intrinsic element of their personal style, not merely a passing fad. With the Indian economy surging and the younger generation gaining financial prowess, there’s a noticeable shift towards opting for natural diamond jewellery over traditional yellow gold, signifying a changing tide in preferences.
Classy and sparkling diamond bracelet set on a pure leather strap for millennials and Gen Z jewellery lovers.

Shifting Tides: The Evolution of Diamond Trends

In the ever-evolving world of jewellery, stackable rings have taken the spotlight as the latest trend. Layered diamond necklaces or a curated stack of necklaces with varying lengths add a subtle yet stylish flair to any outfit. The tennis bracelet, blending classic glamour with sporty styles, is a versatile choice—it can be worn solo or stacked with a fitness tracker or another bracelet boasting different shapes or cuts. For those seeking to sparkle at a cocktail evening, diamond hoop earrings make a perfect choice. Whether half-hoops or simpler styles, they effortlessly enhance a pantsuit, transcending beyond special occasions. And when in need of instant glamour, diamond studs are a go-to choice.

A pair of imperial empress diamond earrings from Khwaahish's Gulz collection for millennials and Gen Z.

The digital-first approach is rapidly gaining traction among millennials and Gen Z, particularly when it comes to diamond shopping. A prime example of this shift is exemplified by Khwaahish’s Gulz collection. This luxurious assortment of rose gold and diamond partywear embodies a minimalist yet opulent aesthetic, perfectly encapsulating the timeless allure and vibrant essence cherished by millennial and Gen Z women.

Diamond Discovery: Millennials and Gen Z Reshape the Buying Journey

The journey of buying diamonds has undergone a transformative shift, with millennials and Gen Z leading the way. An overwhelming 96% of this demographic initiate their diamond buying process online, heavily engaging with social media platforms. Interestingly, 40% of prospective male buyers actively seek valuable tips and creative sparks from these platforms. Consequently, it’s no surprise that 26% of surveyed buyers acknowledge social media as their source of purchase inspiration.

Research is a cornerstone of the diamond-buying journey, as evidenced by a significant 84% of diamond jewellery buyers diligently conducting thorough research before committing to a purchase. This entails price comparisons online, seeking guidance from trusted circles, and delving into informative articles.

When the time to purchase arrives, online retailers are gaining remarkable traction. Their appeal lies in competitive prices fueled by economies of scale and a vast array of diamonds available in diverse shapes and sizes. Furthermore, customers relish the opportunity to personalise their jewels by hand-picking their preferred setting. This revolution in the purchasing landscape underscores the powerful impact of digital platforms and online retail, shaping the future of diamond acquisition for the newer generations.

​​Embracing a New Era in Diamond Shopping: Your Style, Your Investment

It’s clear that your generation is driving a transformative shift in how we approach buying diamonds. This era embraces a digital-first mindset, celebrating distinct designs and considering alternative gemstones, a reflection of your unique tastes and non-conformist ideals.

What’s exciting is your inclination towards well-informed and sustainable choices when it comes to future purchases. It’s important to recognise that each piece of diamond jewellery you select isn’t just a fashion statement—it’s a timeless investment. So, why not kickstart your one-of-a-kind collection today? Reach out to Khwaahish Jewellery, the leading diamond jewellery in Chennai, for deeper insights into the world of diamonds and stay updated on the latest trends. After all, diamonds last a lifetime, just like your personal style!

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