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Choosing the Right Metal for Your Diamond Bangles

Introduction: Which Metal Goes Best with Your Diamond Bangles?

Well, when someone is looking to purchase designer diamond jewellery, it is not just about the design, visual appeal and price of the beauty you are about to bring home. It is also about your taste and preferences. In fact, when you come to think of it, it is about striking the best possible balance between your choices, pricing and the general perception.
Practically speaking, the metal surrounding the diamonds in your bangles is of utmost importance in the overall scheme of things. It has a substantial impact not only on the price of pieces but also on their attractiveness. Some metals can be maintained with ease, while others require a lot of effort and money. So, think long and hard before you finalize which metal you’ll opt for when purchasing your diamond bangles Chennai.

Now, let’s take a look at all the options available at your disposal. At the same time, we will also discuss in detail the intricacies and nuances of each of your choices.

Metals and Diamond Bangles: What are the Available Options?

Sterling Silver Surrounding Your Diamonds– Elegance, Grace and Pocket-friendly

Well, when it comes to style, grace and elegance, opting for diamond bangles Chennai with sterling silver as the base metal can be a brilliant choice for many. In fact, these are relatively low priced too. It is one of the strongest alloys of silver that can retain its lustre, sheen and resplendence for a long time.

The downside to opting for sterling silver diamond bangles is their malleability. Compared to other metal options, you’ll have to be much more careful with these. You’ll have to put in the extra effort to preserve your silver sterling diamond bangles because any mishandling might lead to breakage of the prangs resulting in displacement and possible loss of the diamonds.

Pretty Sparkle Diamond Bangles made from VVS EF diamond quality with 3.56 carat diamonds

Diamond Bangles With White Gold–A Combination of Looks and Strength

Opting for white gold diamond bangles will be ideal for those who want the lustre and sheen without compromising on strength and durability. White gold tends to be platinum-like in many ways when it comes to appearance. In fact, unless you’re quite knowledgeable about diamond jewellery, you’ll find it hard to distinguish between diamond-studded platinum and white gold bangles. So, you can make a brilliant impression on your friends without burning a hole in your pocket!

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The problem with white gold diamond bangles is that white gold can easily lose its lustre. As a result, you’ll have to get it plated almost every year. That can be a bit troublesome for many people. So, before you opt for white gold, you must take this factor into account.

Yellow Gold & Diamond Bangles- Let Traditions Speak

Well, yellow gold bangles studded with diamonds have been a sight to behold for centuries! They continue to be the showstoppers even in today’s era. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every time we think of diamond bangles, we think of them with yellow gold. Gold is malleable, allowing jewellers to create pieces of jewellery with an extensive variety of designs. In terms of cost, yellow gold is pricier than white gold and sterling silver, but it provides a lot more in terms of the long-term valuation of the jewellery.
Yellow gold’s combination with diamonds is a match made in heaven. So, picking out the cons is an extremely difficult task. The only drawback in yellow gold and diamond bangles that one can find is that it is too traditional for the present generation. It may not be trendy enough for some millennials!

Sparkling Floral Diamond Bangle made from VVS EF diamond quality with 8.16 carat diamonds

Platinum Diamond Bangles- Redefining Modern Era Jewellery!

Every time someone talks about diamond bangles with platinum as the base metal, the world becomes a better place. You get a touch of classy elegance. A touch of modernism and true style is scripted all over the piece of jewellery that’s made with platinum and diamonds.

When they’re used to create bangles, they’re simply fabulous! These bangles are ideal for people who have an allergy to gold. The bangles are strong, durable and highly attractive. Maintaining them is quite easy, and if you can handle the basics, then you’re in good stead.

When you think deep and hard, you can come up with a couple of downsides to platinum diamond bangles. Firstly, they don’t offer as many design options as gold diamond bangles because the working of platinum is tougher. Secondly, they’re way costlier than most other metal options for your diamond bangles.

Palladium Diamond Bangles- The Gen-Z Jewellery

They often say that if your pocket doesn’t like platinum, go for palladium! Jokes apart, diamond bangles with palladium are akin to a distant cousin of platinum that looks exactly the same but doesn’t go to the gym that often! The fact of the matter is that palladium looks like platinum but is less durable and easy on your wallet.
The major problem with palladium bangles is that their maintenance cost is much higher than the other options described above. So, if you’re thinking about buying palladium bangles, then keep in mind that the money you save now will be readjusted in the long term because of maintenance costs.

Finally, What’s the Best Option?

The truth is that the ideal metal for diamond bangles will be different for different people. If you have sensitive skin, then opting for platinum bangles will be the right way forward. If you like tradition, then yellow gold diamond bangles will give you the happiness you crave for. If you aren’t willing to spend too much, then you may consider silver sterling or palladium. If you want the best combination of affordability and style, then white gold diamond bangles will be the best choice.
In any case, the pros, cons and features described in this article will help you make the right decision as per your preferences and desires. Walk into Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery and browse through our latest collection of designer diamond jewellery to select what suits your taste and budget.

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