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Must-Have South Indian Diamond Jewellery for the Bride

Indian weddings’ popularity goes for their grandeur, vivacity, and lavishness; South Indians are no exception. In the midst of the extravagant decorations and vibrant attire, the bride takes centre stage, adorned with refined makeup and heavy bridal jewellery. Gold and precious stones such as ruby and diamond are celebrated in South Indian bridal jewellery. As marriages have unique rituals, brides focus on adorning themselves with a diverse collection of South Indian diamond jewellery. This article will discuss some essential South Indian bridal jewellery pieces that will complement the wedding attire and make the big day more memorable.

A Brief Introduction to South Indian Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are a woman’s best companion, and they hold a prominent position in South Indian bridal jewellery. Diamond jewellery enhances every bridal ensemble, whether it’s a necklace, pendant, ring, or earrings. Diamonds add elegance to the bride’s appearance and depict one’s status. Therefore, they are very popular among South Indian brides.

Temple jewellery is an essential component of South Indian bridal jewellery in recent times. Diverse patterns and detailed Nakshi work escalate the bride’s appearance. The attractiveness of temple jewellery is heightened by incorporating pearls, diamonds, polki, and other precious stones. Temple jewellery includes chokers, harams, jhumkas, armbands, maang tika, bangles, vaddanam, etc.

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Different Types of Bridal South Indian Diamond Jewellery

Kasu haram

Kasulaperu, also referred to as Kasu Mala or Kasu Haram is a must-have South Indian jewellery. It showcases embossed coins in both antique and shiny finishes. This immutable and traditional piece is admired for its distinctive design, with coins frequently depicting Goddess Lakshmi, a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. South Indians add diamonds onto kasu harams to escalate their beauty.

Manga malai

Manga Malai is a popular choice of South Indian bridal jewellery that adds a touch of glamour to the bride’s appearance, particularly when coupled with Kanjeevaram sarees. The necklace’s mango-shaped motifs give it an elegant look, making it another must-have adornment for South Indian brides. One can further escalate the ornament by incorporating diamonds with the manga malai.


Vaddanam, also known as waist chains, redefines the shape of a bride when worn with Kanjeevaram or Silk sarees. It is an essential item of South Indian bridal jewellery. Goddess Lakshmi is frequently depicted in the centre of traditional vaddanams, representing wealth and good fortune. They are available in various designs and are made of gold, silver, and precious stones.


Armbands, also known as Vanki, play a significant role in South Indian bridal jewellery. They add a dash of elegance and allure to the bride’s attire, highlighting the region’s cultural heritage and traditions.

Jada billa

The appearance of a South Indian bride is incomplete without flowers in her locks and the Jada Billa. These hair ornaments, crafted in the style of temple jewellery, appear extraordinary, adorning long braids. Jada Billa is a traditional and popular choice that gives South Indian bridal hairstyles a unique and enduring appeal.

Maang tika

Maang tika is an iconic ornament in South and North Indian weddings and is found in a variety of South Indian bridal jewellery designs. Maang tika is available in various styles and patterns and enhances the bride’s facial characteristics by adding charm to the wearer.

Diamond Bridals


Jhumki is a traditional item of South Indian bridal jewellery which has endured the test of time and remains a popular choice among brides. Jhumkis are available in a variety of styles, sizes and patterns. From silver or diamond variations to temple-inspired gold designs, their dome-shaped design adds a dash of class to the bride’s overall appearance.

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Bangles, also known as Valayal in South India, are vital to every South Indian bride’s wedding ensemble. Whether the newlywed chooses heavy or simple bangles, they add a touch of cultural significance and grandeur to her ensemble.

The bottom line

Bridal jewellery is linked with immense emotional and cultural significance for South Indian brides. A well-chosen South Indian bridal jewellery achieves a perfect bridal appearance, making the bride an embodiment of grace and tradition. Whether embracing the glitz and glamour of gold or the sophistication of diamonds, bridal jewellery will make the bride look spectacular on the big day. Find your perfect sparkle at Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, the best diamond shop in Chennai.

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