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Delving into Bridal South Indian Diamond Jewellery Trends

A wedding is one of the most memorable days for a woman. Every girl’s perfect fairytale wedding is incomplete without South Indian diamond jewellery. Her jewellery is an absolute necessity for her wedding ensemble. Perfectly selected South Indian bridal jewellery enhances the bride’s beauty and makes her appear even more enchanting on her wedding day. 

No one wishes to wear outdated fashions from the past! All brides-to-be seek designs that are at the forefront of fashion and will make them stand out. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the finest South Indian bridal jewellery latest trends we’ve spotted in this blog.

A Guide on South Indian Diamond Jewellery & Temple Collection

Bridal diamond jewellery

Diamonds are a woman’s evergreen favourite. With its dazzling glimmer and brilliance, it will never fail to make you look incredible. It matches every ensemble! Dazzling white jewels adorned with precious stones such as emerald and ruby are sure to escalate every bride’s look. Even later in life, diamonds can be worn on anniversaries, birthdays, at your closest friend’s sangeet, or anywhere else! They are certainly worthy of investment.

Bridal temple jewellery

The bridal temple jewellery designs look traditional and exotic. These chunky Nakshi chains are meticulously carved into intricate designs, and each design remains unique. You will never be able to find two identical ornaments when it comes to temple jewellery. The most popular pendant designs in Nakshi jewellery are those of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. These are embellished with diamonds, Polki, precious stones, and pearls.

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An Overview of Different Kinds of Bridal Jewellery

Antique gold jewellery

Antique gold jewellery has recently become the ideal choice for brides as it imparts an ethnic outlook. Antique gold always offers the bride the charm and elegance she requires on her wedding day. South Indian brides favour the layering of extravagant 22-karat yellow gold, using gold ball chains, Meenakari work, Kundan stones, etc. Therefore, antique gold jewellery collections are timeless and elegant.

Guttapusalu wedding jewellery

In Telugu, “Pusalu” means beads and “gutta” means cluster. Therefore, guttapusalu refers to pearl clusters. Guttapusalu bridal necklaces are beautiful and will make you feel royal. Whether long or short, these neckpieces are designed with traditional patterns and floral motifs and set with various gemstones. With coordinating earrings and maang tikkas, they offer an enchanting look.

Pearl satlada necklaces in layers

A satlada layered necklace is a bridal ornament composed of seven strands of pearls, as well as diamonds, precious gemstones, polki work, etc. This style of bridal jewellery emerged with the Hyderabad Nizams and has taken on the culture of south India. The satlada necklace can be worn alone or with a choker to create a brilliant bridal outlook.

Emerald jewellery

Multi-stranded emerald gemstone necklaces have been a worldwide trend in the past two years. These necklaces have pendants or isolated bead strands and appear royal. The dark green complements all bridal looks and can be worn with any ensemble.

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Numerous brides have been spotted in recent times wearing elaborate chokers. Chokers are incredibly versatile neckwear that can be paired with any ensemble, including Western wear. The cascading components of choker pieces adorn all the lovely brides.

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Elaborating on Polki South Indian Diamond Jewellery & Kundan Collection

Polki diamond jewellery

Polki diamond jewellery, originating from the prosperous Mughal era and precisely handcrafted, makes you appear royal. Made with genuine unfinished diamonds encased in a concave section of 22-karat yellow gold, every Polki unit emanates vintage charm. Although not identical to polished cut diamonds, the brilliance and radiance of Polki diamond jewellery are enough to steal one’s breath away! Hyderabadi Polki and open Polki sets, in silver rather than gold, are also popular among modern brides.

Kundan jewellery

Kundan jewellery is very similar to Polki, except they are made with glass rather than uncut diamonds. The asymmetrical stones give the jewellery a very alluring and sophisticated look. Kundan patterns have evolved over the years, and new contemporary patterns are currently very fashionable! Kundan jewellery is also considerably less expensive than Polki jewellery and appears majestic.

The takeaway

South Indian diamond jewellery crafts grace and allure, enhancing the timeless beauty of every bride’s wedding ensemble. These exquisite pieces mentioned above exemplify tradition and elegance, making the bride’s wedding day a magical and unforgettable occasion. Explore a variety of stunning diamond jewellery at Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, one of the finest diamond jewellery shops in Chennai.

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