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Diamond Necklace Designs That Dazzle & Stand Out

Are you planning to get a diamond necklace? You’ve landed on the right page. There are a variety of diamond necklace designs Chennai to fulfil your needs and desires. We have consolidated the options you should consider before making your purchase. Continue reading to become a pro in selecting a diamond necklace.

A Brief on Diamond Necklace Designs

You can make diamond necklaces from mined or lab-made diamonds. The price of a diamond necklace depends on its type, number of diamonds used, 4Cs, metals used for mounting the stones, inclusions of other precious gemstones, etc. Buying a diamond necklace online is considered the best option as it gives the customer a wide range of choices at a better price. The huge variation in online price from a brick-and-mortar store is because the business happens only between the seller and the customer. This means that no charges are required to be paid to middlemen. If you are particular about purchasing lab-made diamond necklace designs Chennai, reach out to retailers. Lab diamonds are affordable, and stunning and have no issue with forced labour and human rights. These diamonds are trustworthy and will always be made with good quality.

Types of Diamond Necklace Designs

Some popular types of diamond necklaces are:

Solitaire Necklace

The solitaire necklace has only one diamond on the chain. Round stones are commonly used in solitaire diamond necklace designs Chennai. But you can also use other shapes of diamonds to bring out the brilliance of a solitaire necklace. The single diamond stone must be of the best clarity, cut, colour and carat as it has to stand alone and accentuate the overall look of the necklace. Solitaire necklaces never go out of style as they look classic and elegant always.

Diamond Drop Necklace

If you had already gone through a few diamond designs, you would have seen the drop necklace. It is a necklace with a pendant which drops from the chain with a single diamond stone in the centre or multiple stones, offering a dramatic effect. Drop diamond necklace designs Chennai are popular, and when used with platinum white gold, they enhance the diamond’s brilliance further.

Khwaahish Diamond Chain Necklace by Kiara

Diamond Tennis Necklace

A diamond tennis necklace is made of symmetrical diamonds interconnected with a precious metal chain. It is named after Chris Evert, the famous tennis player. These diamond necklace designs Chennai have an elegant and simple style. Therefore, they go well with both casual and fancy dresses. You can adjust the length of the tennis necklace to suit your attire and occasion. It looks great when layered with other diamond necklaces.

Diamond Cluster Necklace

The diamond cluster necklace is one of the detailed diamond necklace styles made with a cluster of diamonds. The stones are of various sizes and can be arranged in any manner. These cluster diamond necklace designs Chennai are recommended for grand occasions as they look more prominent when worn. But if you are a person who loves simple designs, you can customize and get simple and elegant cluster patterns.

Diamond Halo Necklace

As its name suggests, the halo diamond necklace designs Chennai have a centre stone that is surrounded by rings filled with smaller diamond stones. This is a sophisticated type of diamond necklace which is ideal for people who love bold and flashy jewellery.

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Diamond Bar Necklace

A chain attached to a pendant which resembles a bar is called a diamond bar necklace. It is possible to place the pendant either horizontally or vertically. These diamond necklace designs Chennai are made of gold, platinum and or sterling silver. A diamond bar necklace is available in both bold and minimalistic patterns.

Diamond Circle Necklace

The diamond circle necklace has similar characteristics to the diamond halo necklace. Both these diamond necklace designs Chennai have a circular pendant. However, the diamond circle necklace does not contain a centre stone like the halo necklace. This is why a circle diamond necklace is considered a symbol of eternity. It serves as an ideal gift for birthdays and all kinds of celebrations.

Initial Diamond Necklace

An initial diamond necklace is very popular as it features alphabets in a pendant form. As people prefer wearing the initials of their loved ones or partners, these diamond necklace designs Chennai are in great demand. They may be entirely bejewelled or made with diamond accents on a metal chain. The initial diamond necklace has a personalized touch and therefore makes an excellent gift for anniversaries and other special occasions.

Khwaahish Diamond Necklace - KNA817

Diamond Settings – What You Need to Know

The top five diamond settings are:

Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is one of the most secure diamond settings, which ensures that the precious stones are 100% secure. When platinum or white gold is used for making diamond ornaments with this setting, the diamonds appear larger than their original size. Bezel diamond necklace designs Chennai creates a greater focus on the diamonds used.

Pave Setting

Pave setting is impressive and intricate, creating a brilliant look to the diamond ornament. Here a lot of small diamonds are placed in an adjacent manner and clubbed together with prongs. When looked at from far, this setting appears like a single large diamond. However, pave setting diamond necklace designs Chennai may cost a lot more than a solitaire diamond as it requires skills to create the intricate pattern. A diamond ring with pave setting is the best for a wedding ring as it adds extra sparkle.

Illusion Setting

Every bride desires to own a ring with an illusion setting as it is mounted on reflective metal rings to make it seem like a huge diamond stone. The optical illusion created by this setting makes the diamond appear bigger than one carat. These diamond necklace designs in Chennai makes use of princess-cut diamonds and frames them tightly onto reflective metal.

The Takeaway

Now that you know about the various types of diamond necklaces and settings, always invest in one which suits your personality and style. Feel free to check the trendy diamond jewellery patterns for casual and party wear from the Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery website.

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