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Pretty Possession Diamond Stud Earrings In Yellow Gold For Women made from VVS EF diamond quality with 0.57 carat diamonds

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

“Diamonds are a woman’s best friend!” That’s an adage that will never fade out. Just as endless as the diamond, is the value it has in the woman’s jewellery wardrobe. The beauty of it is that diamonds work to bring beauty and class to a woman’s appearance, whether they are part of a multi-stone piece or even a delicate pair of studs. In fact, many women choose to wear their diamond earrings perennially, only to rarely change them out for something different when the occasion absolutely demands it. But the versatility of diamond studs to look great with your jeans and t-shirt, as well as your evening gowns, speaks to why this piece of jewellery is an investment in the truest sense.

With the resources available today, you can choose a diamond stud pair from the Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery collection or customize your own diamond earrings in Chennai with endless personalization options. The potential for so much customization may lead to a ton of confusion and difficulty in decision-making. So here’s a handy guide that will help you choose or customize your very own pair of diamond studs as an investment or a gift.

Buying Diamond Earrings in Chennai: Set Your Budget

Every large investment starts here. Getting a good idea of what your budget is, is the best starting point. You can do some research to find out what a good investment in diamond earrings in Chennai will cost you. As a rare buy, you want your diamond studs to be a good investment. So it’s best to look at numbers and work with your jeweller to pick out the best studs. This way, you will get a balanced perspective and not just go for the cheapest buy or the most expensive jewellery you can afford.

Pick Your Stone: 4 Cs, one S for Buying Diamond Earrings in Chennai

Once your budget is set, the number of choices available will be narrowed down and choice will be a little easier. Discuss the diamond stone options you will get in your budget with your jeweller before making your choice. When choosing diamonds, you need to have 4 ‘Cs’ and one ‘S’ in mind: cut, carat, clarity, colour, and shape.


The cut of the diamond for your diamond earrings is a measure of the quality of diamond-cutting work that has gone into it. This could be important if you’re looking for top-quality workmanship and a high level of brilliance and refraction in your diamond.
Human wearing the 0.15 Ct Benevolent Blossoms Studs Earrings In White Gold For Women(Halo)

Carats of a diamond determine size and weight. Each additional carat will mean an increase in size, weight, and, ultimately, price.


The clarity in a diamond determines its purity. Diamonds may have varying levels of impurities or imperfections, and the clarity index grades them based on how much impurity or inclusion is present in them.

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The colour of a diamond, which is often mistaken to mean what you see in a coloured diamond, is a measure of the whiteness of a diamond. On a colour scale of D to Z, D stands for the ultimate colourless white diamond, and Z stands for the lowest grade, which means you get a “yellowed” white diamond. Consider what you give importance to when buying your diamond earrings in Chennai.


Finally, look at the shape you want for your diamond earrings. This will be jewellery that will frame your face. So choose appropriately from the variety of cuts, including the classic cuts (princess cut, rounds, arrows, or hearts), the vintage cuts (Asscher, emerald, or cushion cuts), and the unique cuts (ovals, pears, or marquise).

Every diamond stud buyer will have a choice for each of these considerations. Be sure to take your time and decide what you want in your diamond.

Exulting Brooch Diamond Stud Earrings In Pink Gold For Women made from VVS EF diamond quality with 0.92 carat diamonds
Setting: Choose Your Metal and Style

One of the final decisions you need to make is to do with the base of your diamond studs. You will have a choice in the metal that will form the base and the style of setting you are looking for.

The choice of metal will largely depend on the look you want to go for and whether there are any special considerations like metal allergies. It is good to remember that if you’re looking for daily-wear diamond earrings in Chennai, it may be wise to invest in a neutral-coloured base. A platinum backing will be wise for those with metal allergies since it is the most hypoallergenic metal.

Setting style, on the other hand, will come with several options. Your jeweller will show you the different variety of holder settings they offer. They will also show you how each setting could affect the overall look and the amount of light that falls on the diamonds to enhance their brilliance.

Backing: The Final Consideration

The final thing on consideration should not be left out: what backing are you going to choose for your diamond earrings?

When choosing a great pair of diamond earrings, don’t skip on the backing that holds them in place. It’s important to remember that the backing is responsible for the safety of your earrings. Nothing is worse than losing diamond earrings because of the wrong choice of backing. Screw-on backing is the safest option, especially if this is your forever, almost daily-wear piece. This will keep it firmly in place. The butterfly backing is easier to use and a little more ornamental, but these can loosen over time, and you may have to replace them after a few years.

In conclusion

The considerations listed above will be greatly helpful in your choice of diamond stud earrings. On your next visit to Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, your reputed diamond jewellers in Chennai, approach any of our jeweller experts to help you buy your perfect pair of diamond stud earrings.

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