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A Guide to Choosing Earring Backs

All of us would have faced the situation of losing our earring backs. As they help keep the earring in place, you must ensure that you get the right type of earring backs when buying diamond earrings in Chennai. We have consolidated the types of earring backs, their pros and cons and the level of security they offer in the article below. You can learn about them, and towards the end, you will understand what type will suit your needs in terms of aesthetics, ease and comfort.

Types of Earring Backs for Diamond Earrings

The commonly used types of earring backs are:

  • Push back
  • Screw back
  • Secure lock back

Push Backs

Push backs are also known as friction backs. They are the common type of earring back used in making small diamond earrings in Chennai. Push back slides into the earring post straightly. It holds the earring securely through friction. The earring posts are designed with a notch so that the push backs stay in place. Push back is easy to wear and take off. They are tiny and therefore are affordable if you have budget constraints.

Moreover, push backs are ideal for people with small earlobes as they are small and hardly visible. But the disadvantage of this type of earring back is that they loosen with time as they lose the necessary tension to hold the earring in place. They do not offer much security in the long run. Therefore, if you buy diamond earrings in Chennai, opt for a push back only if the earring is light in weight.
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Screw Backs

Screw backs are earring backs that screw themselves into place. They are paired with threaded posts, which work in the same principle as the nut and bolt. Screw backs are small, just like push backs. Again, owing to the size, they are a great option for people with a small earlobe as they become invisible behind the ear. The screw backs are functionally better than push backs as they offer better security. It is time-consuming for the screw back to screw onto the earring post. The extra time spent screwing is the extra security you will be getting. Therefore, customers who walk into retail outlets of diamond earrings in Chennai prefer these kinds of earring backs.

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Another important factor is that you should not roughly handle screw backs. You must treat them gently so that you don’t strip away the earring posts while screwing. But the disadvantage is that screw backs are not ideal for people with mobility issues or arthritis. Other people who have trouble holding or grasping small things will not be able to use screw back efficiently. Thus, it is not a good fit for everyone. Feel free to walk into any renowned jewellery outlet for diamond earrings in Chennai, try the screw backs, and check whether it suits you.

Secure Lock Backs

Secure lock backs are the safest earring back of all types. As you slide the earrings back, a secure lock back safely locks the earring into place with a double groove pattern locking mechanism. Therefore, they are used in making a majority of the diamond earrings in Chennai. The secure lock backs have a large disc made of plastic resting on the earring post at the back of the ears to help the wearer flaunt a heavy earring comfortably. This disc ensures that the earring back is always in place. But the large disk has a potential drawback when you have a small earlobe. It shows off from the sides and bottom.

Kinds of Earring Closures for Dangle & Hoop Diamond Earrings

There are two kinds of earring closures for hoop and dangle pattern earrings. They are:

  • Safety lock closure
  • Lever back

Safety Lock Closures

The safety lock closures have a button that locks the closure in its position. This pattern works great with an earring that is long and heavy. They can withstand lots of pressure and bear more weight. A safety lock closure is considered very safe as it contains a lock button, which ensures that the earring does not get removed under any circumstance. Most jewellery outlets of diamond earrings in Chennai use these closures for hoops.

Lever Backs

Lever backs are commonly used on danglers or drop diamond earrings in Chennai. They have a lever which locks the earring in place. Lever backs are safe and easy to wear and take off. Moreover, they also add some style to the diamond earrings as they sway with movement.

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Other Earring Back Considerations With Respect to Metals

The metal used to make an earring plays a significant role in enhancing the durability of the ornament. Let us discuss some commonly used metals to create diamond earrings in Chennai.

  • 18K gold is the preferred gold option for making gold and diamond jewellery. It is versatile, and you can choose between white gold, rose gold and yellow gold options.
  • 14K gold is another popular gold option which is highly affordable and durable. It is the right choice for most designer diamond and gold ornaments. You will be able to get yellow, white and rose gold varieties in 14K gold.
  • Platinum is a highly pure metal, a premium option for making jewellery. It is a great hypoallergenic and is ideal for people with sensitive skin and metal allergies as it does not have nickel.

Final Words

Now you must be able to decide which earring back will suit your needs. If you are looking for a replacement earring back, reach out to Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, one of the famous diamond jewellers in Chennai and check out the collection of earring backs sold separately.

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