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Diamond Earring Designs That Never Go Out of Style

Planning to gift yourself or your loved ones a pair of earrings studded with diamonds? Congrats! This piece of jewellery is a classic statement that goes well with any diamond finger ring or a solitaire pendant.

Once you step into a jewellery showroom like Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, known for its extensive collection of diamond earrings in Chennai, you will be spoilt for choice. Finding the perfect diamond earrings can be overwhelming when there are so many options to pick from.

We have compiled a list of the top trending styles of diamond earrings to make your choice easier. Let’s get on with the details.

Diamond Earrings: 6 Everlasting Styles To Opt For

1. Stud Earrings

Simple stud earrings mostly comprise a single diamond embedded within gold, white gold or platinum. Some stud designs may feature a solitaire diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in any precious metal.

Stud earring is a popular style because they pair well with any outfit or occasion. Despite their simple design, diamond earrings can add the right touch of sparkle and elegance and brighten up your face.

There are two popular choices in stud earrings:

  • Halo studs

The halo stud earring is a timeless piece with a centre stone flanked by a loop of smaller diamonds that create a halo around the centre gem. This halo adds to the sparkle and brilliance of the centre stone while also making it appear larger than usual.

  • Martini studs

Martini studs have a centre stone enclosed within a three-pronged setting that narrows down to a system. The entire shape looks like a martini glass, thus the name “martini stud”. This design allows the stud to sit close to your earlobe.

2. Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoops will always remain a head-turner because it is a simple yet effective way to showcase as many diamonds on your ear. Diamond hoops can come in plain circles, ovals, and other contemporary shapes. Since they enclose the entire lobe, it is best to pair this set with a low-neckline outfit and minimal jewellery.

Hoops come in two classy styles that have stood the test of time:

Human wearing the Revolving Charm Diamond Earrings

  • Huggie hoops

As the name denotes, huggie hoops are designed to “hug” the earlobes. You can choose to have a single, double, or triple row of diamonds to literally hug your earlobe and add that royal glitter. Huggies are thicker than traditional hoops, and some with a small, sturdy hinge for easy insertion and removal.

  • J-Hoop Earrings

J-hoop earrings sport an open-loop half circle that gives a unique J-shaped profile that does not go all the way around the ear. These hoops are trendy and pair well with any modern outfit.

3. Diamond drops

A classic diamond drop has two diamonds- one on the ear as the stud and another hanging as a drop just below the earlobe. Also known as dangles, these diamond earrings can be customised to hang for just a couple of millimetres to several centimetres below the earlobe. Some people may even want a shoulder-length dangle. Whatever the length, diamond drops suit both traditional and modern outfits.

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4. Leverback earrings

Instead of the regular screw-on types, these earrings come with a lever back bent like a fish hook to hold the earring in place. This hook design allows extra comfort, so you can wear them with your work outfit, formal wear, or occasional clothes.

5. Journey earrings

Journey earrings have a vertical row of diamonds that extend beyond the earlobe. Based on your budget, you can choose to have only three diamonds or several more. You can choose between the same-sized stones one diamonds of various sizes to be arranged from small to big to create a sparkling line on your ear.

Journey earrings, like journey pendants and eternity bracelets, symbolise dreams, promises, and major milestones in life.

6. Chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings sport more than a dozen diamonds paired with other precious stones like emeralds or rubies. Want to steal the show at a wedding or a grand function? Wear a pair of chandeliers and become the show stopper! Chandelier diamond earrings range from small, below-the-lobe sizes to ones that dangle all the way to your shoulders.

Of course, diamond chandeliers are an expensive investment. However, they make for timeless family heirlooms that can last through generations.


4 Criteria to Look for in Diamond Earrings

1. Quality

The main criteria to look for in quality in diamond earrings Chennai is that the earrings match in shape and weight. Diamonds used for earrings are more likely to have minor imperfections than those used for finger rings. That’s because rings are more likely to be closely inspected than earrings that can be hidden far up in your ears.

2. Metals

Nothing is better for diamond earrings than gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. However, at the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preference and budget. It’s best not to choose sterling silver because it will not showcase the stone’s brilliance, nor will it last long enough to hold the precious stones.

3. Backing

It is very important to choose a backing that prevents your earring from slipping off your lobes. If your earrings have more carat weight, it is best to use a backing that supports the entire earring, be it a dangle, hoop, or chandelier.

4. Shape

The shape is important to consider because it matches the stone’s cut. Shapes like pear and marquise are difficult to cut as per the shape and may cost more. Hence, it is always better to go with rounds, cushion-cut, princess-cut, and Asscher cuts because these shapes have equal proportions that make them easier to match.


There are no hard and fast rules to pair your diamond earrings with your style. You can be as creative as you want to be. However, if you want to wear diamonds for work, it is best to choose studs that will make you look elegant yet opulent. Chandeliers and drops are best reserved for grand functions where you want to be the cynosure of all eyes.

For help and advice in choosing your earrings, you can contact the professionals at Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, the most famous diamond jewellers in Chennai.

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