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Types of South Indian Diamond Jewellery & Temple Jewels

Temple jewellery means beauty. Gorgeous Polki, pearl, and Kundan jewellery dominate North Indian marriages, whereas South Indians prefer temple jewellery for weddings. On numerous occasions, Bollywood superstars were spotted wearing temple jewels and unique bridal South Indian diamond jewellery as statement pieces. In this blog, we have compiled the different types of bridal temple jewellery designs if you want to achieve the ideal South Indian bridal look.

The Variety of Bridal South Indian Diamond Jewellery & Temple Designs


Traditionally composed of Goddess Lakshmi coins strung together, Kasumala is an essential accessory for every South Indian bridal. The grandeur of these neckpieces escalates with uncut diamonds, kemp stones, and other precious gemstones. You can wear Kasulaperu in various ways. For a simplified look, pair them with a shorter necklace. A Kasumala with a pendant or double layers would be an excellent choice for an extravagant look.

Manga malai

The Manga mala is a classic South Indian necklace. The mango motif imparts originality and attractiveness to the design. A huge and heavy Manga malai is ideal for weddings and appears magnificent when paired with a Kanjeevaram saree. However, opt for a simpler design if you wish to utilise the necklace for future special occasions and festivals. Pair the simple ones with an additional simple necklace on your wedding day.


Vadiyanam/Vaddanam is a traditional, long, and elegant waist chain. For South Indian brides, the vadiyanam is an essential accessory. It is widely available in a variety of designs and styles, adorned with rubies, emeralds, and other precious jewels. In most traditional vadiyanams, Goddess Laxmi would be seated on a lotus blossom. The jewellery pairs wonderfully with silk sarees and accentuates the bride’s entire look.

Eternal Empress Diamond Haaram OG

An Overview of the Diverse Temple Jewellery for South Indian Brides


The Vanki is another essential ornament for a South Indian bride. While wearing Vanki, choose a blouse with shorter sleeves to complement it. If you want a retro look, choose puff sleeves, and if you want a blend of modern and classic, a high neck would be an excellent option. A short-sleeved boat-neck blouse is also suitable for showcasing your lovely Vanki.

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In South India, bangles or bracelets are known by various names, including Valayal in Tamil, Gajju in Telugu, and Bale in Kannada. They are available in a lot of temple jewellery designs. Temple-style bangles are chunky and look fantastic with a traditional Kanjeevaram silk saree. Wearing only one bangle on each hand is sufficient, as they are huge and magnificent. If you want to create an extravagant look, pair them with additional gold bangles.


Available in Chaand Bali or bell-shaped designs, Jhumkas are ideal for weddings and other special occasions and festivals. You can choose from various Jhumka designs to complement your bridal attire. Inspired by temple architecture and the representations of Goddesses and Gods, Jhumkas can be pretty heavy. Therefore, you should choose a lightweight design so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort when worn for a long duration.

Bridal Edit Img 3

The Traditional South Indian Diamond Jewellery & Temple Collection

Nethi chutti

Nethi chutti, referred to as Maang tika in the North, is another essential piece of bridal adornment. A Nethi chutti in temple design appears magnificent on a bride, and many styles are available. You can choose a Nethi chutti with a single pendant if you want a simple look. You can also opt for a single-strand design if you like to reuse the jewellery for other occasions in the future.

Jada billa

A South Indian bride is incomplete without a Jada billa and flowers adorning her long braid. There are numerous types of hair ornaments used in weddings, but nothing compares to the majesty of a long, thick braid embellished with Jada billa along with fresh flowers.


South Indian temple jewellery is an enduring symbol of tradition and beauty in a world of diverse bridal accessories. Each piece, from the magnificent Kasulaperu to the beautiful Jada billa, embodies the essence of culture and heritage. Come, and immerse yourself in the brilliance of Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, the epitome of elegance among top diamond jewellers in Chennai.

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