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Diamond Pendants

A treasure trove of perfectly cut diamond pendants in stunning arrangements that will help you stand apart in any setting with your unmatched beauty.
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Investing in Diamond Pendants: Expert Insights and Buyer Tips

Why Buy Diamond Pendants?

Diamond Pendants as the Perfect Gifts for Anyone!

Gifting a diamond is a sign that there is great depth to your relationship. Classic diamond gift choices include studs and rings. But the diamond pendant can also be a great budget-friendly gifting option. When you come to the right diamond jeweller, there are myriad choices available. At Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, we have a diamond for every budget in terms of cut, carat, and clarity. There are great options at all price ranges and, with a slightly higher budget, even more options in matching sets of earrings, studs, or rings that complement your pendant.

Why Khwaahish Diamond Pendants?

Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery has one of Chennai's most exquisite and versatile collections of diamond pendants. Our jewellery attracts shoppers of all ages, from young girls who like our fun and quirky designs to older ladies who prefer the ethnic yet contemporary touch we give traditional pendants. The Khwaahish diamond pendant collection features 18-carat gold chains set with VVS clarity diamonds. We can also provide white gold, rose gold, dual-tone gold or yellow gold options and GH or EF hues in the diamond. Visit us today and find the best of what the world of diamond jewellery has to offer today!

Price and Weight of our Diamond Pendant Sets

Whether your budget is sizable or tiny, we have a diamond pendant set for you! Our collections start from simple, contemporary designs and everyday-wear diamond pendants that start as low as INR 25k. Even at this price range, you will find delicate beauties featuring diamond-pearl combinations and delicately curved floral sets. Prices go up as the weight, caratage of gold, and caratage of diamonds used increase.

Get the Khwaahish Diamonds Experience - Even Online!

Live your diamond jewellery dream in the virtual world as well! The Khwaahish collection is now also featured on our exclusive online store!

We know what you're thinking: How safe is it to purchase diamond pendants online? Rest assured that you are protected with the Khwaahish assurance of the utmost safety, purity, and authenticity of the jewellery shopping experience at the online Khwaahish Diamonds store! Check out some of our most popular jaw dropping collections online at our e-commerce store!

Frequently Asked Questions About Khwaahish Diamond Pendants Chennai

Here are some expert-guided answers to some FAQs on diamond pendants.
1. What is the 'setting' in a diamond pendant?
The 'setting' is defined as how the stone is placed into the metal base on a piece of jewellery. Solitaire diamond pendants will have a single large or smaller rock set into the metal. Other interesting designs can feature a larger central diamond accented by smaller diamonds set around the centre, adding extra dimension and shine to the overall piece. This style is called a 'halo' design and is very popular in diamond pendant pieces.
2. Is there an optimal shape for diamonds used in diamond pendants Chennai?
Diamond pendants, like any other piece of jewellery, reflect your individuality and personal style. Certain shapes like the Princess-cut or the circle-cut diamonds are more popular, but unconventional cuts like the pear-cut diamonds can add a lot of dimension and interest to a piece. Each cut will have a different effect on the final look, so it is best to take your jeweller's expert advice before you make a decision.
3. How long should I keep the length of my diamond pendant chain?
In most cases, diamond pendant chains usually range between 53-63 cm in length, where they fall squarely in the centre of the chest. Any longer or shorter than this would not be an aesthetically pleasing look, although there is a lot of possibility for variation, depending on individual taste and design.
4. Is it ok to get diamond pendants wet or soapy during a shower?
While diamonds are one of the hardest stones on the earth, wearing diamond jewellery in the shower is not something we would recommend. Make sure to remove diamond pendants, studs, bracelets or other jewellery and store them safely when you go for a soak or a shower. Exposing them to natural oils in the skin, perfumes, soaps, creams, lotions, or other products will have them develop a cloudy film that will dull their brilliance.
5. What can I wear to complement my diamond pendant?
The neckline is a game-changer when wearing clothes that complement diamond pendants. Clothing styles like V-necks, off-shoulder allow the diamond to do all the talking! It is advisable to take care of embellishment around the neckline.