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Khwaahish logo with white background and golden letters.
A splendid Blooming Sol Diamond Pendant - layered necklaces with solitaire diamonds in 18kt gold from Khwaahish.

Diamond Jewellery & 18kt Gold: What is the Significance?

January 31, 2024

Did you know that 18kt gold is the preferred choice for diamond jewellery? If you were to look for diamonds set in 22 or 24kt gold, you probably won’t find many choices. Why is that? Let’s explore the answer to this question in our blog.

What is 18kt Gold? A Quick Introduction

How pure is gold? Jewellery traders all over the world use the ‘karat grading system’ to evaluate the purity of this precious metal. Karat is a unit that measures the ratio of gold with other metals and alloys. Although generally, higher karats mean more gold, there is a deeper meaning to this unit and how it applies to the gold alloy.

Karat is measured on a scale of 0-24, with 24 denoting the purest form of gold, which is mostly not used for jewellery making because the metal is incredibly soft in this form. In short, 24k gold is susceptible to scratches and dents, so other metals are added to increase its strength and durability. Therefore, 22kt, 18kt, 14kt, etc, are all incorporated with other metals like copper.

18kt gold has about 75% pure gold and 25% metal. Diamonds are highly valued gemstones on the global market, and the metal used in their setting can impact their price. The higher percentage of gold makes 18kt durable than 22kt and 24kt gold, it is the preferred choice for creating diamond jewellery. The reasons?

  • The rich, luxurious gold undertone.
  • Minimum risk of allergies on your skin
  • Complements the diamonds and enhances the appearance of the jewellery.
  • Holds higher value in terms of cost as opposed to low-karat gold.
  • The 18kt metal enhances the overall value of the jewellery, be it a ring, wedding, band, or an elaborate neckpiece.

Another interesting fact is that 18kt gold is available in three colours. Isn’t that wonderful? Read on to find out what they are!

The 3 Amazing Colours of 18kt Gold

18kt gold is available in white, rose, and yellow colours. Each is distinct in its own way, but the key difference lies in the specific metals blended with the gold to form the alloys.

Rose Gold

Rose gold results from combining pure gold with copper, creating an alloy that imparts a distinct colour and karat. An often-used formulation for rose gold is a composition of 75 percent pure gold and 25 percent copper, yielding 18k rose gold.
The Rose Gold Beauty Diamond Earrings is an exquisite blend of contemporary style and classic elegance. The earrings feature a classic chandelier silhouette with beautiful round diamonds arranged in a captivating pattern across three rows.
 A pair of Rose Gold Beauty Diamond Earrings chandelier silhouette from Khwaahish.

Yellow Gold

If you are looking for the most precise and pure form of gold alloy, it is yellow gold. The yellow colour infuses the metal with a richer, brighter, and more radiant hue, thanks to the combination of gold, nickel, and copper. The combination also contributes to the durability, malleability, and overall value.

Khwaahish’s Traditional Daily Dazzle Studs in Yellow Gold are a splendid display of craftsmanship, featuring a stunning emerald cut diamond illusion at the centre, encased in 1.18 carats of diamonds. Set in 18K yellow gold, these earrings blend traditional elegance with a contemporary twist, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate the timeless allure of yellow gold jewellery.

 A pair of Traditional Daily Dazzle Studs In Yellow Gold For Women from Khwaahish.

White Gold

White gold was originally created to mimic the appearance of platinum, a naturally white metal. White gold is essentially gold combined with nickel, palladium, platinum, manganese, and sometimes copper, zinc, or silver. Common alloys include gold-palladium-silver and gold-nickel-copper-zinc.

Typically, white gold is a blend of approximately 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc, and if marked as 18 karats, it signifies 75% pure gold.
 A pair of Oozing Elegance Diamond Earrings from Khwaahish.
Sophisticated diamond studs made from white gold, featuring 1.26 carats of flawless diamonds, these Oozing Elegance Diamond Earrings are designed to add charm to one’s jewellery collection.

So, apart from the various colours of 18kt gold, what makes it a better choice for diamond jewellery? Apparently, it is the durability and the charm of this alloy, which we will explain in detail in the forthcoming segment.

18kt Gold: The Durable Choice for Diamonds

We had mentioned earlier that pure 24-carat gold is too soft to withstand the intricacy of the gold-making process. On the other hand, low-karat gold is very susceptible to breakage.

18kt gold strikes the perfect balance between durability and purity. It is sturdy enough to hold the diamond in place and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

At this juncture, one should not forget that diamonds can easily damage any metal. 18kt gold serves as the perfect material to shield the diamond from any harm while being gentle enough to avoid causing any damage to the precious gemstone.

We’ve seen how 18kt gold perfectly complements and protects diamonds. But how does it elevate the beauty of the precious gemstone? Read on to find out.

How 18 kt Gold Enhances the Diamond Allure

Although diamonds are second to none in brilliance, the metal showcasing them can either enrich or diminish their splendour. When it comes to gold alloys, 18kt stands out above the rest in enhancing the allure and brilliance of a diamond. Its ability to capture and showcase the beauty of a diamond is unparalleled and will continue to do so for time immemorial.

One such example is Khwaahish’s Royal Treasure Diamond Pendant. Embellished with natural diamonds, this neckpiece showcases the diamond vibrance and the 18kt gold opulence in equal measure. In short, the piece exudes a sense of royalty every time you wear it.

The remarkable Royal Treasure Diamond Pendant in 18kt gold from Khwaahish.

The meticulous decision to create this exquisite pendant using 18K diamonds is a testament to the unwavering dedication of Khwaahish artisans to producing the highest calibre of excellence and elegance. Steal a glance at this masterpiece.

18 kt Gold: The Best Choice for Your Diamond Jewellery

The stunning combination of 18-karat gold and natural diamonds is a match made in heaven, each element enhancing the beauty and value of the other. It is also the best choice for wedding bands and engagement rings for more reasons than one. 18 kt gold is:

  • Relatively more cost-effective than 22k gold.
  • More durable than 24 kt and 22 kt gold.
  • Equally precious in terms of overall value and cost.
  • Uniquely vibrant and resistant to tarnishing.
  • Excellent in preserving and protecting the gemstones.

The best place for diamond-studded 18 kt gold jewellery is Khwaahish Diamonds, reputed to be one of the most famous diamond jewellers in Chennai.
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