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A pear shaped natural Aquamarine, the March birthstone.

Embracing Aquamarine – The Enchantment of March Birthstone

March 23, 2024

Picture the soft murmur of the sea captured in a stone. The March birthstone Aquamarine does just this. With its captivating blue, this gem holds a rich history that crosses oceans and ages. Its name means water of the sea in Latin, reflecting the gem’s serene and pure qualities. Known for their soothing effects, aquamarines are perceived as shields, calming those who wear them.

Seen as a symbol of pure heart and soul, aquamarine is thought to bring peace and serve as a protective charm. This gem pairs well with other gemstones, blending elegance with deep meaning. As we admire aquamarine’s charm, let us note its importance and relevance, securing its place as a treasured stone now and in the future.

The British royals also adore aquamarine, as seen in Princess Diana’s cocktail ring, with a big emerald cut aquamarine and diamonds. Now worn by Meghan Markle, the ring adds a modern twist to its history and reflects the allure of royal engagement rings. These iconic gems captivate us with their stories and sea-blue beauty.

Let us know more about this beautiful birthstone from this blog, discovering the intrigue and natural charm that defines the existence of aquamarine.

The Allure of Aquamarine – Colour and Clarity Explained

Your March birthstone, aquamarine, is loved for its range of blue shades, from sky blue to rich sea green. Its colour variety comes from iron within the crystal, acting as a natural dye. Viewing an aquamarine, you see the light and elements at play, where iron levels determine the intensity of the blue shade.

Another praised feature is the stone’s clarity. Most aquamarines are almost inclusion-free, meaning they appear clean to the eye. This clarity boosts their visual charm and symbolises purity and life.

Stone size affects colour perception in aquamarine. Bigger gems often show deeper, more intense shades as they have more crystals for light to colour. Smaller stones might seem lighter, while big ones can have a stunning blue or blue-green depth.

Aquamarine’s origin adds to its variety, making each piece as distinct as its owner.

Aquamarine Jewellery – Symbolism and Contemporary Design

Gazing at aquamarine jewellery, you see more than just a lovely item. You witness a sign of hope, serenity, youth, and health. Aquamarine steps into modern design and is valued for its adaptability and timeless charm. These pieces are expressions of love and commitment.

Aquamarine shines in today’s jewellery, from simple solitaires to bold, new designs. Its ability to pair with other gems, especially diamonds, makes it a favourite for designers and owners.
Whether diamond rings, pendants, or earrings, aquamarine and diamonds celebrate beauty and elegance together.

As you look at various aquamarine jewellery, remember they are more than adornments. They carry hope and peace, vital qualities in our lives. Choosing aquamarine jewellery means selecting a symbol of calm and a pledge of well-being.

Maintaining Aquamarine Jewellery – Care and Cleaning Tips

Owning enchanting aquamarine jewellery means wanting to keep it at its best. Luckily, taking care of it is simple. To preserve your aquamarine jewellery’s spellbinding charm, follow these easy cleaning tips:

  • Start with a mix of warm water and mild dish soap. Soak your jewellery and use a soft brush to gently clean behind the gem, where dirt builds up.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners and steam are often safe for aquamarine, but not if the stone has fractures or liquid inclusions. These flaws could worsen with ultrasonic vibrations or steam heat.
  • If unsure about your aquamarine’s features, stick to the soap and water method.

Following these care tips, your aquamarine jewellery will keep its calm and tranquil look, remaining a beloved part of your collection for years.

Selecting the Perfect Aquamarine Jewellery – A Buyer’s Guide

When hunting for aquamarine jewellery, you will be drawn to its seawater colours. But knowing its clarity, cut, and carat weight is key to finding a piece that truly speaks to you. Here is
what to look for:

  • Aim for a stone with pure blue or a slight green touch, moderate to strong saturation, and a medium dark tone. These traits often add to the gem’s worth.
  • Clarity is key. Most aquamarines are transparent and free of visible inclusions, keeping their watery quality.
  • A good cut means symmetry and shine. A well-cut aquamarine reflects light evenly, boosting its beauty. There is a shape for every taste, from classic rounds to unique pear shapes.
  • Carat weight affects colour depth. Bigger stones usually have deeper colours. Pick a size that fits the jewellery design.
  • Many aquamarines are heat treated to improve their blue shade, a standard and lasting method that keeps the colour you love.

Think about how other gems, like diamonds, can enhance your aquamarine. A selection of diamond rings could be the perfect match, adding sparkle and elegance.

Celebrating Aquamarine: A Treasure Beyond Time

Your journey into aquamarine’s tranquil realm uncovers a stone with a deep history and symbolism. From mines to Khwaahish’s skilled artisans, every aspect of aquamarine is filled with stories and magic.

Khwaahish is the top destination for the latest diamond jewellery in Chennai. We honour these tales, crafting each gem’s narrative into their designs. Our dedication to top-notch craft mirrors aquamarine’s purity and grace.

Reach out to our jewellery experts for tailored advice, and let Khwaahish’s serene aquamarine enhance your collection, making every moment as timeless as the stone itself.

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