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The Timeless Appeal of Choker Necklaces: A Glimpse into Their History

January 10, 2024

The choker is one fine piece of jewellery, and there’s nothing quite like it. Why? It is a style that has transcended ages, a statement that grabs everyone’s attention and a sensation that makes you the talk of the town.

Chokers have a fascinating history, and our blog is all about how this style of jewellery came into existence and how it still rules as a fashion phenomenon. But first things first.

What is a Choker Necklace?

The name is self-explanatory- the choker is a close-fitting piece of jewellery designed to sit high on your neck and snugly fit the delicate place above your collarbone. Did you know that choker necklaces were originally intended for protection? Today, they serve as a chic-looking adornment and a fabulous accessory for a day event or night party.

Design-wise, they are one of the rarest adornments passed on through generations. From delicate designs to chunky opulence, chokers are available in multiple designs and styles, making them a trendy choice for any occasion.

How long have chokers been a part of jewellery collections? To answer this question, let’s unearth the history of this neckpiece.

The History of Chokers

Chokers have been a prominent accessory since ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Sumerian cultures. Mentioned in the Talmud as early as the first century AD, their popularity surged during the French Revolution in 1789. British royals like Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra further popularised them, with Alexandra reportedly wearing one to conceal a neck scar. In the 1900s, chokers symbolise femininity, defiance, and non-conformity. Today, in the digital era, they remain a versatile and cherished accessory, suitable for various outfits and occasions.

Over the years, the choker’s style has evolved, but the basic design remains the same. No matter the style, the necklace is always designed to hug the neck in an elegant, golden embrace. Let’s elaborate further on this topic.

The Grand Allure of the Choker: Versatility Reinvented

The choker is a piece of jewellery in a class of its own. Unlike many other styles, this piece holds its own because it can be worn solo rather than combined with other jewellery. Also, it can effortlessly transform a simple dress into an elegant, attention-grabbing attire.

Why is the choker so versatile? It’s designed that way- it’s as simple as that! The choker piece is apt for any happy event in your life- whether you are attending a fancy party, a casual friend’s meet, or a traditional wedding. Whether it is a simple black dress or an extravagant Kanchivaram sari, a choker on your neck can elevate your look to an unimaginable level. This jewellery not only complements your look but also completes it.

Apart from being a fashion accessory, the choker necklace is a power statement, a boost of confidence and a piece of luxury. The band of gold hugging your neck instils you with the assurance that you are on top of the world.

Such is the allure of the choker, and if you plan to buy one, you should know the various styles available today. Look no further- we elaborate on the latest choker styles in the next section.

Popular Choker Necklace Styles

1. Diamond Choker

Diamonds leave no room for arguments. The brilliance of their appearance exemplifies their exquisite elegance and majesty. The Cascade Diamond Choker necklace from Khwaahish is one such dazzling example. The piece is a blend of diamonds and emeralds exclusively designed to put you in the spotlight. To have a glimpse of this stately neck piece, check this:

A beautiful Cascade Diamond Choker Necklace.


2. Leather Chokers

Leather chokers give a unique twist to the classic elegance with its contemporary texture and design, making it a perfect embodiment of the timeless fashion statement that chokers represent. The Circle of Charm Diamond Choker from Khwaahish, set in genuine leather and highlighted with an emerald cut solitaire-look diamond, is a modern tribute to the historical allure and evolving style of chokers.

A leather Circle of Charm Diamond Choker from Khwaahish.


3. Statement Chokers

Want to make heads turn at a party? Wear a statement choker embellished with pearls, semi-precious stones or simply an intricate design.

The Persian Princess Diamond Choker from Khwaahish Diamonds, Chennai, is a one-of-a-kind choker showcasing semi-precious Green Quartz adorned with diamonds in a classic motif, flanked by rows of creamish white pearls.

A beautifully crafted Persian Princess Diamond Choker necklace with diamonds and pearls.

Head over to Khwaahish today and make this statement choker yours! Wear it confidently, embrace your inner radiance, and display elegance and grace wherever you go.

Now that we’ve analysed the history of the choker and its types, it all boils down to one question: “Is this jewellery suitable for everyone?” The honest answer is not everyone can pull off wearing chokers. This unique neckpiece is best for those who are fashion-forward and confident.

Will this jewellery go out of trend? Not likely, because chokers are an integral part of showcasing power and presence.

Embrace the Charm of the Choker With Khwaahish Diamonds

Khwaahish is the best diamond shop in Chennai and the finest source for an elaborate range of chokers. Every choker created at Khwaahish is a masterpiece handcrafted with quality, artistry, and precision. Come to Khwaahish, choose your choker and be prepared to receive never-ending accolades, appreciation, and admiration. Do contact us for more details.

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