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The side views of the diamond ring with a beautiful Amethyst stone studded at the center.

February’s Birthstone: Amethyst – Unraveling The Lustrous Enigma

March 14, 2024

Hold in your hands a tale as old as time. The amethyst, a gem for those born in February, shines with a history rich and deep. Its violet glow ranges from soft lilac to dark purple. Beyond its looks, it speaks of mystery and power. Let us dive into the world of amethyst and discover what makes it a jewel in crowns and hearts alike.

Understanding February Birthstone’s Physical Traits

The Greek word ‘amethystos’ means ‘not drunk,’ a nod to ancient beliefs in its power to prevent intoxication.

Ever wondered why amethyst stands out? Its purple colour has charmed us for ages. Known as purple quartz, its hues range from violet to red. This colour range makes it a star in jewellery.

Amethyst is made of quartz. Its enigmatic violet hues are due to irradiation and the presence of iron and other trace elements. On the Mohs scale, Amethyst scores a good 7, demonstrating its robustness like other gems from the quartz family. This quality makes it perfect for all kinds of jewellery, surviving daily use with its shine intact.

To appreciate amethyst’s genuine beauty and resilience, let’s delve further into its properties, hues and other interesting aspects.

Grading the Hues of February’s Amethyst Gemstone

The most exclusive thing about Amethyst is its colour- From pale pinkish violet to deep, royal purple, its shades are a wonder. The beauty and worth of amethysts come down to their colour. When grading these gems, remember:

  • The most sought-after amethysts are Siberian Amethysts. These gemstones have a deep purple with red and blue sparkles.
  • A consistently-coloured amethyst holds more value than unevenly coloured ones.
  • A skilled cut can enhance the gem’s natural beauty, even if the colour is imperfect.

After learning about these aspects, we develop a greater appreciation for amethysts and will be intrigued by their rich history and cultural significance.

Amethyst’s Legacy- February Birthstones History

Amethysts, with their rich purple hue, have been cherished through history. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed they could prevent intoxication. In the medieval era, they symbolized status and spirituality, worn by royalty and clergy. As amethysts became globally available, they transitioned from symbols of elite status to cherished gifts, commonly given for sixth wedding anniversaries.These stones got linked with Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs, embodying serenity and clarity.

How to Maintain Amethyst’s Lustre

Although amethyst can withstand the wear of daily usage, it requires gentle care to shine with vibrancy:

  • Keep it away from sunlight and heat sources. Too much heat or light can damage it, making it fragile and dull.
  • Store it away from harder gems like diamonds to avoid scratches.
  • Clean it with soap, water, and a soft brush to retain its shine.
  • Avoid steam cleaning as the heat can harm it.
  • Avoid wearing amethyst during exercise, cleaning, and swimming to prevent scratches.
  • Give it to your jewellers at least once a year for an annual professional cleaning.
  • Avoid cleaning it with harsh chemicals like bleach, toothpaste, and vinegar.

By following these tips, your amethyst will stay beautiful with its vibrant hue and shine for many years.

The Contemporary Symbolism of February’s Amethyst

In today’s world, amethyst symbolises strength and empowerment. Chosen for its meaning, it gives wearers a sense of power.

Linked to the Crown Chakra, it is believed to boost intuition and wisdom. Wearing amethyst aligns you with the universe, helping you find clarity and insight.

Modern designers love amethyst, using it in fresh, trendy pieces. Its flexibility means there is a style for everyone. As Saint Valentine and Cleopatra hinted, “Amethyst reveals love and beauty secrets.” Therefore, gifting an amethyst means more than just giving jewellery. It is about love and balance.

Glorious Amethyst Diamond Ring made from VVS EF diamond quality with 1.68 carat diamonds

Check out the “Glorious Amethyst Diamond Ring” from the house of Khwaahish, which combines the rich legacy of February’s birthstone with modern elegance. Centered around a royal Amethyst sugarloaf cut, it is encircled by a halo of round and pear-shaped diamonds. This piece not only highlights the amethyst’s deep connection to history and royalty but also brings a contemporary sparkle that captivates.

The Enduring Allure of Amethyst: A Timeless Gemstone

As we wrap up, you will see amethyst in a new light. It is a gem among gems, perfect in form, hardy in nature, and steeped in history. At Khwaahish, our love for art and design brings each amethyst piece to life, connecting tradition with modern style.

Explore sophistication and browse our meticulously crafted designs at our diamond jewellery store in Chennai, where the allure of amethyst awaits your admiration.


Where can I find amethyst jewellery in Chennai?

  • Location: Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, Abhiramapuram, Chennai
  • Products: Offers gold and diamond jewellery with precious stones
  • Authenticity: Certified precious metals, naturally-sourced diamonds and gemstones
  • Customisation: Inquire for custom jewellery options

Can amethyst be paired with diamonds in jewellery?

  • Pairing amethyst with diamonds in jewellery is a favoured choice, bringing together the rich violet hues of amethyst with the sparkling brilliance of diamonds.
  • This elegant duo can elevate the allure of various jewellery pieces ranging from rings to necklaces.

Remember to wear larger pieces, prioritising amethyst to maintain its prominence while incorporating diamonds subtly for a luxurious appeal.

Is there a range of amethyst qualities available at Khwaahish in Chennai?

Khwaashish offers various qualities of amethyst. Key details include:

  • High-quality amethyst pieces displaying strong reddish purple without colour zoning.
  • Amethysts without visible inclusions.
  • Cuts vary from standard to freeform artistic designs.
  • Stones may differ in size. Large-sized amethysts are also available.
  • Prices remain moderate even as carat size increases.

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