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Khwaahish logo with white background and golden letters.
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Diamonds are forever

August 24, 2022

This phrase has been echoed through generations – A true testament to the enduring nature of the diamonds.

Diamonds are synonymous with luxury and extravagance and have been treasured by many cultures throughout history. Every culture placed these precious stones at a genuinely high standard, starting as early as the Roman era.

Diamonds, in their very essence, symbolize strength and perseverance. The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word Adamus, meaning indestructible or invincible. In early history, Romans wore diamonds into battle as they represented the strength and wealth of the Roman empire. The lore behind diamonds is that they were parts of a star that had fallen from the heavens.

A diamond crown kept on a black cloth in front of a black background.

For centuries, diamonds have been considered the most beautiful of all gems. They have also been associated with purity and healing and have played a significant role in the practice of early medicine. Ancient cultures believed that the vibrations from these precious stones relieved stress and strengthened organs. So, they wore diamond jewellery around the neck or on the left hand, a practice still followed today.

Everywhere across the world, diamonds were unquestionably valuable. Casting aside their utility, diamonds gained popularity for their intrinsic beauty. A piece of jewellery carrying a diamond epitome of class and elegance.

As time passed, diamonds gained a symbolic significance that transcended mere value. The strength and indestructibility of diamonds came to represent love. Diamond jewellery and rings symbolize the commitment two individuals carry to each other.

Closeup shot of a shinning diamond

At Khwaahish, we craft unique pieces that do justice to the extraordinary diamonds we work with. We strive to create the most exquisite pieces of jewellery imaginable and bring out each stone’s unique, individual personality. Simply put, we seek to carry on this timeless tradition of these timeless pieces.

Each diamond carries with it a legacy of craftsmanship and integrity that we strive to bring out in its most exquisite form in order to cater to our customers.

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