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The Art Of Diamond Jewellery Craftsmanship

September 9, 2022

When you think of craftsmanship, what comes to mind? Perhaps you picture someone working with their hands in a studio. Maybe you see an artisan delicately crafting an item for a client. Or you simply imagine someone putting their heart and soul into their work, pouring all the skill they can muster into it.

Regardless of your definition, there’s no denying that craftsmanship is a form of art. It represents one person’s unique vision and expression; it showcases what makes them special as an artist or artisan, and it shows how they’ve chosen to express themselves through their work.

Diamond jewellery craftsmanship is a skill that takes time to master. It’s a process that takes time to learn, and it’s an ancient tradition that takes years to understand.


The Art of Diamond Jewellery craftsmanship1

The process of diamond jewellery craftsmanship is an art that involves several professional steps.

Step 1: Designing

The design phase is a vital part of the process for every single piece created. The designer examines every aspect of the piece and considers how it will work with all elements involved in its creation. This process can also be inspired by objects from different cultures and periods throughout history.

Step 2: Cutting

Once the design is finalized, the diamond is handed over to a diamond-cutting expert. Diamonds can be either princess cut or emerald cut, or any other depending on the design.

Step 3: Setting

Once the diamonds are cut, each stone is securely suspended in its setting without falling out or losing any of its intrinsic value.

The Art of Diamond Jewellery craftsmanship2

Step 4: Polishing

In this stage, any scratches from cutting are smoothed out using exemplary methods while retaining an attractive brilliance that makes diamonds look their best.

Step 5: Assembling

After polishing, all the elements involved in the jewellery design are assembled into a single spectacular piece.

Step 6: Quality Check

Finally, when everything is set and polished, the specialist or the professional runs a deep quality check.


The process of creating diamond jewellery is an art that requires expert knowledge, antiquated designs and finesse. So, the next time you see a stunning piece of diamond jewellery seizing the light, you’ll know a bit more about what makes it stand out from the crowd!

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