Crafting Unique And Gorgeous Diamond Jewellery In Chennai


Our talented craftspeople combine traditional skills with cutting edge modern technology to transform the finest precious metals and gems into unique jewellery, treasured and adored by our customers. Discover gorgeous, meticulously-crafted diamond jewellery, be it rings, necklaces, earrings or pendants at our diamond jewellery showrooms in Chennai.


At Khwaahish, inspiration can come from any source – be it nature, art, simple motifs or current trends. Sometimes, the beauty of individual diamonds and gemstones leads us to create something exclusive. Each creation begins with a sketch done by hand with meticulous detail.


In creating fine jewellery pieces, the setting for the diamonds and the stone are chosen carefully to maximize their brilliance. All our jewellery is set in 18k gold and used minimally in such a way that it complements rather than competes with the diamond’s colourless nature, ensuring the lustre of the diamond stands in the forefront of each design. We strongly believe that the diamond’s brilliance must stay unparalleled , thereby driving us to discover innovative techniques in craftsmanship as well as settings.


In every jewel created at Khwaahish, what doesn’t meet the eye is also to be perfectly finished. After setting of diamonds is complete, the gold is re-polished to ensure the diamond sparkles through.

Final product

After each detail is reviewed, the final product leaves the workshop, on its way to the Hallmarking of Gold and Certification of Diamonds processes. When buying a Khwaahish product, you can be rest assured that it was created with the same love and joy you will experience wearing it.


We offer a bespoke design service and can work with you to create a one-off, special piece.