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Top 3 South Indian Traditional Jewellery Designs

June 9, 2022

Tradition never goes out of trend. This statement is true for jewellery designs that have stood the test of time, like traditional South Indian jewellery. Let’s look at some traditional South Indian jewellery varieties that have enjoyed immense popularity and demand.

1. Maanga Malai

The maanga maalai is a timeless piece of jewellery exclusive to South India. Available in various models, it is an ode to the mango, the King of Fruits. The mango design is incorporated into the piece of jewellery in every possible manner- as the main pendant and on the chain. Mango malas can be customised in any size, and it has the potential to make any woman look striking and beautiful on any occasion.

2. Kaasu Malai

Traditional kaasu maalai, embellished with emerald, ruby and natural diamonds.Closeup view of traditional kaasu maalai, embellished with emerald, ruby and natural diamonds.

The Kaasu malai, kaasu haram, or kasulaperu is a traditional long necklace comprising little coins that add to its charm. Although the design is said to have originated in Kerala, the kaasu malai is a long-time favourite of the people of South India. They are available in dull, shiny, and antique finishes. Most kaasu malais have one or two layers of gold coins with an embossed design. The latest trend, however, is a combination of brightly crafted rubies that form the inner layer, followed by another layer of emeralds. The last and final layer is a single line of shining gold coins that complete our traditional kaasu malai.

Glittering diamond necklace designed by Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery

3. Muthu Malai

The muthu malai or gutta pusalu haram heroes the pearl. The traditional design is embossed with big and small pearls or adorned with heavy bunches of beautifully adorned smaller pearls clustered on an antique chain. Some pearl malais come with different coloured stones on the reverse side.

Nakshi & Temple Jewellery: Opulent Traditional Designs

Temple jewellery often comes in hefty pieces. They are available as long chains with a massive pendant featuring Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi or as short or medium-sized necklaces with intricate gold work. The Goddess pendants are studded with precious gems like uncut diamonds, gemstones, nakshi balls, polkis, and pearls that add to the weight and luxury of the neckpiece.

A female model wearing traditional Jhumka earring from Khwaahish Diamond JewelleryCloseup view of Jhumka earring designed by Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery

Jhumkas or Jimikkis

There is probably no South Indian woman who doesn’t love the south indian traditional jewellery designs, particularly the Jimikki. From tiny ones to mega-sizes, these earrings are available in plain gold or studded with diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralds. Jimikki is a part of the traditional temple jewellery, and these bell-shaped ornaments are common across the Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

South Indian traditional jewellery set is fondly worn and appreciated by women all over India. The ever-growing demand for timeless designs stands testimony to the fact that these artistic pieces will reign supreme forever.

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