Engagement Ring

A big moment, and you don’t know where to start. Your engagement ring involves
consideration of several factors, and we’re here to break them down for you.
What is the Anatomy of an Engagement Ring?
We divide the engagement ring into three components so you can focus on what is most important :

a. The Diamond:

– The focal point of the ring.

b. Setting & Design:

– This is the most important feature that emphasizes the aesthetic look of your ring.

c. Band:

– Made in various gold finishes. It’s inner circumference is your ring size.
Here’s Our 7 Step Guide

Establish a Budget

Establish a Budget
Typically, engagement rings with a single diamond or solitaire are priced at Rs.50,000/- onwards.
All you need to do is find a budget that makes you feel comfortable.
Sharing this with us, will help to show you the various options available.

How do I Choose the Right Diamond?

How do I Choose the Right Diamond?
The diamond is perhaps the most exciting and considerable purchase of the ring. Based on your style preferences, first choose the shape of the center diamond.
……………………. Diamond Shape …………………….
….. Diamond Shape …..
Here’s a brief overview of the most popular shapes:
Round Brilliant
……………………. 4C’s of Diamonds …………………….
….. 4C’s of Diamonds …..
The 4C’s are specifications that create a diamond’s value. After the diamond shape, the final diamond’s look and price are determined by these characteristics :
An Excellent Cut adds maximum brilliance and sparkle to and fire of the diamond.
This factor gauges internal flaws or inclusions in a diamond. VVS is the most sought after grade for solitaires.
A diamond’s colour is graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). The best colour rankings are D, E and F.
This is a measure of a diamond’s size, and is represented by ct. Popular solitaire sizes are 0.30ct, 0.50ct, 0.75ct and 1.00ct.

How do I Choose the Right Setting & Design?

How do I Choose the Right Setting & Design?
While the setting is a stylistic decision, we profile three of our popular ring setting or styles :
Single Diamond Engagement Rings
This is the classic engagement ring style.
Three Diamond Engagement Rings
Two diamonds of the same size flank a center larger diamond.
Halo Engagement Rings
A circle of smaller diamonds encircle your
large center diamond for added brilliance.

What Colour Metal Should I Choose?

What Colour Metal Should I Choose?
The metal colour of your ring is another style preference. Our expert team at Khwaahish will assist you in choosing the preferred metal as per your chosen design. We offer our engagement rings in three different gold finishes:

White Gold

Yellow Gold

Rose Gold


Top Tip: For single diamond rings, White Gold is the Preferred Choice

How do I Determine the Ring Size?

How do I Determine the Ring Size?
Although you could get hold of an existing ring of hers, we advise to get her ring size measured in person to avoid last minute disappointments.

How do I judge Authenticity of My Purchase?

How do I judge Authenticity of My Purchase?

Purity of Gold -

Ensure your engagement ring is BIS Hallmarked.

Diamond Certification -

Your diamond will usually carry a certificate of authenticity. In today’s world, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemmological Institute (IGI) are the preferred Laboratories certifying diamonds.

Engraving - Making Your Ring Perfectly Unique

Engraving - Making Your Ring Perfectly Unique
Spell out your unique love – with a personal engraving on your chosen engagement ring, and make it a meaningful memory for both of you… Forever! Enquire about this special complimentary service when you purchase your engagement ring with us.
The Khwaahish Promise
It is our assurance that you are getting the best quality at the best price. Khwaahish is involved in all stages of product development – Be it Sourcing of diamonds, to Designing, to Manufacturing and Retailing. This unique position gives us unrivaled savings that we proudly pass on to you.

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