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Earth-mined pear-shaped natural green peridot gemstones, the August gemstone for fashion gem jewellery.

August’s Gift of Green: The Captivating Story of the Peridot Birthstone

August 28, 2023

Nestled in the heart of August, the Peridot birthstone emerges with its captivating blend of lush green hues tinged with a touch of sunny yellow. With roots tracing back to ancient times, Peridot is not just a gemstone; it’s a timeless tale woven with fascinating facts that will surely intrigue you. Whether you’re an August baby or simply admire these gems, there’s something enchanting about Peridot that draws you in.

Hailing from the Olivine mineral family, Peridot stands as a semi-precious gem renowned for its distinctive green shade. Its name finds its origins in the Arabic word ‘ferdat,’ which translates to ‘Gem’ – a fitting title for this precious stone. Beyond its visual allure, Peridot carries a realm of symbolism, embodying traits such as power, strength, loyalty, and honesty. Interestingly, some even believe that having Peridots in your abode can usher in well-being, joy, and prosperity.

Join us on an illuminating journey as we delve into the origins, mythical connections, and astrological benefits that the Peridot gemstone brings.

Peridot: Unwrapping the Mythology and History

The Peridot gemstone originates from the Earth’s mantle and, in rare cases, meteorites. Its historical roots are tied to Egypt’s Zabargad and Hawaii. In contemporary times, the prime sources of Peridot gemstones are found in the Himalayas, Myanmar, the United States of America, and Pakistan.

Confused with emeralds in history, it’s speculated that Cleopatra’s emeralds were Peridots. Even the famed emeralds encircling Germany’s revered shrine of the Three Holy Kings are, in fact, Peridots.

Peridot is the birthstone of August and has diverse cultural legends, from Hawaiian goddess Pele’s tears to being called the “gem of the sun” by ancient Egyptians.

Peridot’s Cosmic Connection: Astrological Insights

Peridot gemstones are associated with Mercury, Venus, and the Cancer zodiac sign. They are known as the “Stone of Money” for attracting wealth and financial stability. Peridot also offers emotional support by calming nerves and reducing anxiety, benefiting the gallbladder and liver when worn as a necklace.

Peridot boosts confidence, fosters success, and promotes unconditional love in personal and professional relationships. It also has healing properties for the lungs, breasts, spleen, and lymphatic system disorders, offering relief for asthma sufferers. Additionally, Peridot aids in recovery from injuries and illnesses, making it a versatile gem for overall well-being.

Embracing the Cosmic Connection: Who Should Adorn Peridot?

As these gemstones hold a touch of the cosmos within, their entrancing powers are best harnessed under the guidance of an adept astrologer or knowledgeable gemologist. Delving into the tapestry of Indian astrology, Peridot, known as Ghritmani, finds its perfect match among those with Gemini (Mithun), Libra (Tula), Pisces (Meen), and Virgo (Kanya) ascendant signs. Meanwhile, the compass of Western astrology directs the spotlight onto Cancer, designating it as the ideal celestial partner for this natural olive-hued gem. And if you were born in the vibrant month of August, the Peridot gemstone holds a special place for you, as it stands as August’s cherished birthstone.

Adorning the Peridot Gem: A Quick Insight

Just like each astrological gemstone follows a distinct Vedic procedure for wearing, the Peridot gem holds its own set of rituals.

Whether it’s a radiant Peridot ring gracing your finger, an elegant pendant hanging near your heart, or even a bracelet or earrings, the first step is to ensure that the gemstone weighs at least 1/10th of your total body weight. This weight ratio sets the stage for the gem’s energies to resonate harmoniously with your being.

When it comes to crafting, the choice is yours to make. Whether you prefer the warm embrace of gold, the classic elegance of white gold, or the understated allure of pink gold, pick the metal that resonates with your sensibilities and aligns with your budget.

Here’s a vital tip: Inspect the Peridot gem closely. No bubbles, no cracks, and no scratches should mar its surface. If you find any of these imperfections, it’s best to set aside that particular stone. For the gem to work its magic, its integrity must remain untainted.

Choosing Wisely: Guide to Buy a Peridot

Beyond its astrological allure, Peridot emerges as a captivating canvas for crafting exquisite jewellery pieces. Its radiant hue and beguiling shimmer make it an ideal choice for those seeking distinctiveness. Whether you’re enchanted by its lime-green elegance or seeking to honour your August birth month, here are a few things to remember:

  • Seek out Peridots with no visible inclusions to the naked eye. While using a microscope, you might spot some dark spots, but the finest Peridots remain free from noticeable imperfections.
  • Cloudy or blurred Peridots could signal imitations or fakes.
  • Opt for stones with legitimate certification to ensure you’re investing in the real deal.
  • Top quality Peridots showcase a pure lime-green shade devoid of hints of brown or yellow.
  • Peridot boasts of high double refraction, a telltale sign of authenticity when held against light. If there’s no double refraction, the stone might be fake.
  • Genuine Peridots maintain their colour consistency both during the day and night. They don’t even alter under artificial light.

Close-up of a green Peridot gemstone ring with diamonds on a botanical background.

Preserving the Peridot Brilliance: A Guide to Jewellery Care

Born from the depths of lava and meteorites, the Peridot gem is no ordinary stone. As you bring its beauty into your jewellery collection, nurturing its radiance becomes paramount. Beyond longevity, proper care ensures that its captivating shine endures. Here’s a comprehensive care regimen to safeguard your Peridot jewelry:

  • To avert potential damage, keep your Peridot jewellery separate from other pieces.
  • During demanding household tasks or activities, it’s wise to remove your Peridot jewellery.
  • Store your jewellery in a cool, dry environment to protect it from heat-related harm.
  • When storing your Peridot jewellery, use a soft cloth to create a protective barrier against scratches.
  • Refrain from subjecting your Peridot jewellery to ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Delicately cleanse your jewellery using mild soap and water and carefully dry it.
  • Schedule professional cleaning at least once a year.

Elevate Peridot’s August Radiance with Khwaahish

Incorporating Peridot into your look isn’t merely about accessorising; it’s about infusing a contemporary edge with a dash of timeless allure. As we plunge into the depths of its narrative, we unravel a gemstone that goes beyond surface beauty. It carries the weight of history’s admiration while seamlessly merging with our modern sensibilities.

This August birthstone embodies elegance, a reflection of cosmic connections, and a symbol of enduring care. Khwaahish offers a fine array of natural peridot studded jewellery that will take your breath away. Try it and buy it right away!

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