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Making a Diamond Ring: An Exploration of Jewellery Designing and Production

Diamonds! So many emotions are evoked in the mere mention of the stone that has fascinated our kind for centuries! It has been known as everything from a “woman’s best friend” to the only accessory that can truly inspire confidence. It adorns queens’ tiaras and many a bridal trousseau. The diamond brings to mind the association of wealth and royalty. It has been the centre of numerous controversies, the subject of works of art, and even the target of many jewellery heists and large-scale scams. This rock has a very colourful profile!

Bringing you the finest collection of diamond rings in Chennai and an exquisite jewellery curation, Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, presents the diamond connoisseur’s skill and expertise to the jewellery-making process.

But, have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a diamond ring? Read on to find out!

The Making of Diamond Rings in Chennai and Around the World

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Designing jewellery is an art in itself. Every raw ingredient that goes into creating the final piece is chosen carefully and crafted with a high degree of skill and perfection. Jewellers who work with costly materials like gold, diamonds, and precious stones are usually master craftspeople who have attained a high level of skill and experience in the craft. Of course, 3-D printing and other such developments in the modern jeweller’s workshop have changed the way diamond rings in Chennai and jewellery around the world are designed and made. Still, the majority of the process remains the same.

Here’s a look at how unimpressive raw materials and sparkly stones are brought together in a highly complex manner to produce works of art.

1. Designing

When you come to Khwaahish to choose a ring from our range of finest diamond rings in Chennai or get a customized diamond ring made, a little bit of forethought and planning will help. If you’re looking for customizations, having a well-thought-out idea of what you have in mind is always great. When you approach a jeweller for a diamond ring, there are a few things they will discuss with you and ask you to choose. These include:

The stone:
You will have a choice in type (looking for uncut diamonds or solitaire rings?), size, cut, clarity, weight in carats, and shape. It will be good to educate yourself a little about these before you go to the jeweller. The way the diamonds are placed in the ring and the number and design you require will be a part of the customization.

The band material:
Most people opt for a 14k or 18k gold band or a platinum band cut to your size. If you have other ideas in mind, discuss them with your jeweller.

The setting style:
There are five setting styles to choose from. These include the prong style, the bar, pave, or the bezel.

Once these specs are decided on, the jeweller can get into the actual work of making your diamond ring. There are a few different methods followed for making the ring. Let’s look at a few of them.

H2: The Making of Diamond Rings in Chennai and Around the World: At the Workshop

Hazoorilal legacy

2. Band and the setting “claw.”

At the workshop, the band is first created, along with the setting holders. Many creators cut the metal and shape and size it to the specifications. They will have special mallets and hammers to add any designs, patterns, or textures to the metal band itself. A ring triblet is then used for custom sizing, and the metal piece is wound to the right size and shape around the triblet and hammered into shape. The “claw” or setting for the diamond ring is now cut out of more metal, shaped, and soldered into place.

Many jewellers use the “casting” method. Here, designs are etched into the wax and cast into plaster. Metal is liquefied at high temperatures and vacuumed into the plaster mould, where it hardens into the desired shape. Once released from the plaster, the shape is perfected, and a long polishing process follows to give the band a refined look. The process now continues in a way similar to what the previous method involved.

3. Stone Setting

Once the band and holders are prepared thoroughly, it is time to set the diamonds. This stage depends on the chosen design, the number of stones required, and other requirements. Each part of the process is highly specific and is governed by a number of factors. Many diamond rings in Chennai and around the world are designed as part of a collection and are thus designed and made in batches.

4. Polishing

Most jewellers spend a lot of time perfecting the polishing of the band, the setting “claws”, and the diamond itself to achieve stone clarity, the final look, and the quality of workmanship they promised.

Filing and polishing will happen at several stages:

  • once the band is cast
  • after the stone holders are added
  • once the stone is set

Polishing and refining at each stage are performed with specialized tools. Each session could last between three to six hours before the final product is refined and finished. Professional jewellers set the highest standards in designing and crafting high-value jewellery like diamond rings in Chennai.

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Expert Tips: Know What to Look For in Solitaire Rings and other Diamond Jewellery

VVS EF Grade Celestial Charm Diamond Ring with 0.85 carat diamonds

Here are a few expert tips to help you make the perfect match between stone, setting, and metal when choosing or designing your multi-stone diamond ring or your solitaire rings:

The diamond should be the star of your piece. Experts always recommend that the diamond should be the most expensive part of your jewellery, as opposed to using a more expensive metal.
Choose your band metal wisely. Metals like platinum have popular appeal but give the same look as white gold. This is significant knowledge when you know that platinum is considerably more expensive and will scratch easier than white gold.

The quality of your diamond should be matched by the quality of your band. An expensive stone set into a lower-grade band will take away from the effect of the final piece and may not last very long.

End Notes

Diamond jewellery is a monetary and sentimental investment. They come at a high cost and become a heritage passed on through generations. For this and many other reasons, they must be bought from trusted sources like Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery. At Khwaahish, you will find diamond pieces that are an ode to tradition, as well as exquisite pieces of the latest diamond jewellery.

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