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Decoding Astrological Benefits of Diamond Rings

Do you know that diamonds have an astrological significance and can bring excellent results to your life? If you are wondering which hand and finger to wear a diamond ring to reap the benefits of good health, luck, success, wealth and prosperity, keep reading as we have covered everything you need to know below. Renowned and well-experienced jewellers advise astrological advantages while purchasing diamond rings in Chennai.

Middle Finger is the Perfect Finger to Wear Diamond Rings. Why?

Wearing it on the middle finger is the best way to optimize a diamond ring. As various elements are associated with fingers, astrology states that the middle finger will bring numerous benefits to the wearer. Diamonds represent the planet Venus and wearing it on the middle finger enhances every trait associated with it. As Venus is the planet which governs important aspects like devotion, love, and relationships, it can positively influence your entire life. Wear solitaire rings on your middle finger if you want to reap the benefits mentioned here.

Brings Good Fortune

When solitaire rings are worn on the middle finger, they bring great success, wealth and fortune in various aspects of life. Most of these benefits are associated with love life and romance and extend to other areas like financial success and good luck.

Boosts Sex Life

Diamonds boost sexual stamina in people struggling to spice up their sex life. Wearing the solitaire rings on your middle finger, you may be able to help you regain your strength and potential in sex life.

Enhances Good Health

Diamonds are seen to improve the wearer’s overall physical and mental health. If you have issues with the urinary tract, digestive system, skin or reproductive system, wearing solitaire rings on your middle finger may be able to resolve your health problems.

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Develops Inner Peace

If you want inner peace, purchase diamond rings in Chennai and wear them on your middle finger. Diamonds are precious stones seen to bring about tranquillity to enhance inner peace. Furthermore, they also help in combating anxiety fears.

Improves Problem-solving Abilities

Wearing diamonds on the middle finger is seen to help deal with various problems in life effortlessly. Good quality solitaire rings are seen to build and improve the maturity to face problems in life.

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Pleasure & Status

Diamonds help enhance social status. Reach out to the bestsellers of diamond rings in Chennai so that you get good-quality ones.

Wearing Diamond Ring on Right Hand Offers a Multitude of Benefits. How?

Astrologers suggest diamond rings for people when the planets are not in the right position in their horoscopes. When a particular planet is weak, the person will suffer through the aspects ruled by the planet. Therefore, diamonds are recommended to imbibe the energies from the universe and bestow it on the wearer. According to astrology, an appropriate hand and finger will offer many benefits. Wearing diamond solitaire rings on the appropriate hand will provide positive results.

The right hand is considered the ideal hand as it is used for giving and is active, unlike the left hand, which is usually receptive. The right hand is known to offer bright and positive things in life by developing good energies. When diamond solitaire rings are worn on the middle finger of the right hand, the results are further influenced. Thus, astrologers recommend wearing a diamond ring on the right hand irrespective of whether you are a male or female.

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Tips for Wearing Diamond Rings Appropriately

There are a few tips to be followed when wearing a diamond ring. You will surely enjoy all the benefits of diamonds when you follow them. They are:

Carat Weight

The first thing you must check when purchasing diamond rings in Chennai is determining the carat weight. Ensure that the diamond you buy meets the astrological requirements.

Setting Metal

The diamond is usually mounted on gold or silver. Check the quality of these metals by looking out for the hallmark symbol if it is gold. Do not compromise on metal quality as they determine the longevity of the diamond solitaire rings. If your astrologer asks you to make a diamond ring on a particular metal, take his advice and do the needful.


When you buy diamond rings in Chennai, ensure that the clarity of the stones is of the best quality. There is no point in seeking good results from a precious stone of compromised quality. Check whether the diamonds are brilliantly white without black spots or blemishes.

Auspicious Day & Time

Wear the diamond ring on the right day. As planet Venus represents Vedic Shukra Deva, Friday is considered auspicious to wear a diamond ring. According to astrology, you should wear the ring between 5 and 7 pm as it is the best time to activate the diamond ring and its benefits. Try purchasing the diamond rings in Chennai on Friday if you believe in astrology.

Mantras & Prayers

In order to gain good fortune by wearing diamond rings, it is best to chant a few mantras and pray before wearing them. Astrological belief encourages people to light incense sticks by chanting “Om Dram Dreem Droum Sah Shukraaye Namah” 324 times and then invoke the lord’s blessings before wearing diamond solitaire rings.


Finally, wearing your diamond engagement ring on your middle finger is best, even if you don’t believe in astrology. By doing so, you will be able to lead a structured life, and psychologists strongly believe in this concept. If you find someone insisting you on wearing your diamond ring on your middle finger, now you know why. You will start seeing the benefits after you wear it, approximately within a month, and the effect will continue for five years. Buy unique designs of diamond rings at Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, one of the reputed diamond jewellers in Chennai.

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