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An Ultimate Guide to Buying Diamond Pendants

A woman’s jewellery collection is incomplete without a diamond pendant. If you are planning to purchase a diamond pendant, you are on the right page. Diamond pendants are simple and elegant and can be worn with any attire. Let us see more on things to consider before choosing a diamond pendant.

Important Factors to Analyse Before Buying Diamond Pendants

When choosing a diamond pendant, always check the quality of the diamonds. Only if the precious stone is high-quality will the pendant appear brilliant. You can follow these parameters discussed below to assess the quality of diamonds before purchasing diamond pendants.


Check whether the diamond pendants are certified by AGS or GIA. They are reliable diamond grading certifications helping you to know everything about your ornament.


Precisely cut diamonds have good light interaction and offer an exceptional sparkle. To check whether the diamond pendants have the best cut, you must seek professional help. They will be able to provide you with details about the type of cut and how effective it will be in enhancing the brilliance of your diamond ornament.


Although there are a variety of colours in diamonds, ensure that the stones in your pendant look white without any tints. Also, check whether the setting enhances the brilliance of the diamonds. If you buy a diamond pendant Chennai, find an outlet where they explain the 4Cs of precious stones in detail.


The clarity of the pendant plays a major role as it will be the first thing people notice. Ensure that the diamond pendants you purchase do not have inclusions or blemishes while looking with a naked eye.


There are various diamond shapes available in the jewellery market. The most commonly used ones are round, square, heart-shaped, pear, and oval. Although the diamond shape choice depends on the wearer’s personal likes, the round is considered the most popular shape for diamond pendants.


Factors that influence the price of diamond pendants are:

  • The metal used like gold, silver, and platinum
  • Diamond weight, quality, and shape
  • Place of purchase like the online or traditional jewellery store
    VVS EF Grade Octagonal Brilliance Diamond Pendant with 0.52 carat diamonds

An Insight Into the Choice of Metals for Diamond Pendants

There are a variety of styles of diamond pendants. You must choose the one that suits your personality. The choice of metal has a major contribution to the appearance and price of the diamond pendant. Ask yourself:

  • Am I going to use the ornament daily?
  • What is the price I am ready to pay?

Once you answer these questions, you can choose between platinum, gold, or silver.


Silver pendants are light in weight and highly affordable. They have an excellent finish and provide gorgeous, sturdy designs. Walk into any diamond retail outlet to get the best silver diamond pendant Chennai.

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There are three gold types: yellow, pink, and white gold. You must know more about their characteristics to compare and make the right choice of diamond pendants.

  • Yellow gold denotes wealth and nobility. It is made of gold and copper, and when used for making diamond ornaments, it accentuates the wearer’s femininity.
  • Pink gold is made of gold, silver, and copper. When used to create diamond jewellery, it elevates the modernity of the wearer.
  • White gold contains gold, palladium, or silver. It looks great in all outfits and creates the most stylish outlook when worn with diamonds.

Whatever type of gold you choose, ensure that your diamond pendant is made of 18-carat gold if you want your ornament to be durable. Look out for the hallmark marking on the product.


Platinum is one of the most expensive metals, which is heavy. It is very robust and highly resistant with a bright white colour. Platinum diamond pendants are durable and stay for a long duration without any colour fading. The biggest advantage of platinum is that they are hypoallergenic, which is a great choice for sensitive skin. However, platinum is a very rare metal that is thirty times rarer than gold.

VVS EF Grade Rubia Armeria Diamond Pendant with 0.36 carat diamonds
Diamond Pendant- Buying Guide 

In today’s scenario, there are two methods to buy a diamond pendant Chennai. You can either walk into a jewellery outlet or purchase diamond pendants online. The choice depends on what you want. Some people like to feel and wear the diamond pendant before purchasing, whereas others who want wider options with cost transparency prefer online purchase.

If you go to a diamond pendant retailer in Chennai, you can ask for advice and gain more knowledge about the diamond quality from jewellery craftsmen. They will be able to guide you in making the right choice of diamond pendants.

If you are looking to buy diamond pendants in an online jewellery store, you may not be able to check the colour or weight of the pendant. Although you will not have the opportunity to try on the pendant, you will be able to see thousands of products in different styles, unlike a traditional store which has only a limited collection. Online diamond stores also provide the GIA or AGS certification to ensure the authenticity of diamonds. Most importantly, the biggest advantage of purchasing diamonds online is that the price of diamond pendants is 25 to 50% less than at retail outlets.

Last But Not Least

You must first list your expectations to learn how to buy the diamond pendant. Even if you are reluctant to purchase diamonds online, it is better to have a look and check on the wide range of designs, their costs, and the detailed product description. You can decide after comparing the prices and designs in both retail outlets and online stores. See what works best for you, and then make a smart choice. Browse our latest diamond jewellery collection on the Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery website immediately and learn more about the unique patterns we offer online.

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