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How to Clean Diamond Pendants

Diamonds are popular for the unparalleled lustre they offer. Although they are meant to have a long life, they are more likely to get damaged by scratches or chemicals. The most common cause for diamond pendants to lose sparkle are natural oils and dirt. If you own diamonds, you deserve to know how to keep them clean.

Ways to Clean Diamond Pendants

A simple soap solution is the best way to clean your diamond pendants without causing any damage. Avoid using hot or cold water as you feel comfortable putting your hands into them. Warm water offers better results in degreasing. Wait for a few minutes until the product soaks well, and then brush it gently.

If the ornament is tarnished with poor maintenance or contains intricate designs, soap is insufficient to restore its glow. You will have to seek a professional to get it fixed. Walk into any diamond pendant Chennai retail outlet to get help with cleaning and maintenance. The other ways to clean diamond ornaments are:

Ammonia or Bicarbonate

It is best to use ammonia to clean diamond jewellery. All you have to do is dilute one volume of ammonia with three volumes of water and allow your diamond ornament to rest in it for thirty minutes. This time is sufficient for all the impurities to drop off. You must use a soft-bristled brush to finally scrub away the debris still intact with the diamond pendants or rings. Finally, dab the ornament with a soft dry cloth.

Bicarbonate is recommended by many professionals instead of ammonia or soap water. You must make a paste by mixing the baking soda with small quantities of water. Rub your diamond pendants delicately with the paste and rinse them in running water. Finish off by using a soft dry cloth. Always take care when you use ammonia or bicarbonate and keep it out of reach from children. Protect your hands and wash them thoroughly after cleaning the diamonds.
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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleansers are the best tools to clear dirt from diamond ornaments. The device sends low-frequency sound waves along with a vibrating solution to remove the dirt. The disadvantage of this tool is that it may dislocate the loose diamond stones. Therefore, use them with care on diamond pendants, bangles, necklaces, etc.

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Professional Help

Take professional help if you want your diamond ornaments to be cleaned in the safest method. As the experts have years of experience with proven techniques, they will restore your diamond pendants in the best possible way. When you seek guidance from professionals, they will be able to offer valuable advice about maintenance.

Precautionary Measures to Increase Diamond Life

The steps you should take to improve the life of diamond pendants are:

  • Clean them regularly. This is the simplest way to retain the beauty of your diamond jewellery. By doing so, you will be able to have them free from dirt and oil.
  • Clean the diamonds by soaking them in a degreasing solution. You can make them at home with mild soap and water. You must soak the diamonds into the solution and clean them with a soft toothbrush. Finally, scrub the diamonds with a flannel cloth to regain the sparkle.
  • Limit the exposure of the diamond ornaments to chemicals. When wearing diamonds, refrain from spraying perfumes or applying lotions as they can get into the precious stone. Do not store the ornaments near deodorants, perfumes, air fresheners, and hairsprays.
  • Don’t use any harmful substances or solutions while cleaning diamonds. Avoid solutions containing chlorine or other abrasives as they might erode or dissolve the metals used in the setting. At times it might also discolour the entire jewellery. If you find any severe damage, feel free to contact retailers of diamond pendant Chennai.

VVS EF Grade Elegant Elysia Diamond Pendant with 0.45 carat diamonds
Simple Tips to Follow While Cleaning Diamond Pendants

The most important thing while cleaning is to learn how logically we should do it. Clean the diamond pendants once in two weeks to maintain the lustre and shine. In order to preserve the brightness, a frequent cleaning routine is essential. You can carry out the simple soap technique at home as it will be convenient and cost-effective in the long run.

A common question that arises in all our minds is whether too much cleaning will cause any damage to the diamond pendants. Although this may sound silly when we get into the habit of cleaning, we may tend to overdo it because we want to protect the stone’s shine. But the truth is that there is no risk associated with a lot of cleaning. As diamond is the hardest gemstone, it can withstand great amounts of rough handling. However, you should be careful with how the diamonds are mounted on the metal. The setting is the weakness of every diamond ornament as it may grow brittle when intense pressure is applied. When the fragility of the jewellery is affected, the ornament may get severely damaged. Therefore, you must take immense while cleaning the jewel.

The Bottom-line

The cleaning time will be the same for diamond pendants. If you feel that you might damage your ornament while cleaning, always feel free to reach out for professional help. Do not ignore the cleaning procedures, as they maintain the product’s sparkle. Browse our category of diamond jewellery on the website of Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, one of the reputed diamond jewellers in Chennai.

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