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Necklaces Vs. Pendants- Buyer’s Guide

A jewellery enthusiast will know the difference between necklaces and pendants. But the rest think these ornaments are the same kind of jewellery. The fact is that necklaces and pendants have different functions. If you are confused about whether to buy diamond pendants or necklaces, we have consolidated all you need to know.

An Overview of Diamond Pendants Vs. Necklaces

There is a technical difference between necklaces and pendants. A necklace is an ornament that goes around the neck, whereas a pendant is a smaller piece of jewellery hung onto a chain or necklace. A pendant is an entity that can be combined with a necklace or hung on anklets or bracelets. Diamond pendants can be worn by attaching them to any ornament. But you can wear a necklace only on the neck.

The necklace is an ornament made of gold, silver, or platinum and embellished with gemstones or diamonds. The primary goal of a necklace is to accentuate and enhance a person’s overall look and draw more attention to the face. Men wear necklaces in varying styles and lengths to match their attire. Diamond necklaces are ornaments different from diamond pendants as they draw focus to one’s collarbone.

Pendants are small ornaments made of precious stones or diamonds. The concept of pendants was in existence for centuries when people hung shells or rocks from their ornaments. They were considered special by Egyptians who wore them to symbolize wealth. In other races, pendants were utilised as charms because people believed they had power. Some people had belief that diamond pendants protected them against certain evil forces. In today’s world, the sports medals you receive are a classic example of pendants. These symbolize recognition and victory.

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Types of Necklaces & Pendants

Knowing the necklaces and pendants, you can easily distinguish them from pendants. The common necklace kinds are:


The chain resembles a thin cable and is a type of necklace. The chain can be made of metals like gold, platinum, or gold in various sizes, thicknesses, patterns, and shapes. If you want an alternative to diamond pendants, consider chains embellished with diamonds. While some chains are simple and used for daily wear, a few are heavily decorated and used for occasional purposes.


As its name suggests, chokers are ornaments worn close to the neck. Chokers are a popular form of necklace that accentuate the shoulders and neck. Chokers with diamonds stand out from diamond pendants because they create a more striking look.


The cascades are necklaces with multiple strands. The first thing people notice about cascade necklaces is that they are contemporary and unique. It looks bold and is preferred by people who love to create a statement look. They are ideal for parties and weddings and look heavier than diamond pendants.

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Single Strand Necklace

Single-strand necklaces are the oldest form, which is very simple and ideal for anyone. It suits people who are less interested in intricate style or design. Single-strand necklaces can substitute diamond pendants as they contain only one strand of chain, which is simple and elegant.

Princess Necklace

Princess necklaces are popular and suit people of all ages like diamond pendants. These necklaces are not too short or long and rest on the collarbone.

Opera Necklace

Opera necklaces are very lengthy. It is more dramatic, and opera necklaces are perfect if you want to create a bold look. As they have an outstanding length, they are clearly visible. You can pair these necklaces with diamond pendants for occasions.
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The types of pendants you should know are:

Diamond Pendants

Diamonds are precious jewels, but they have more than luxury to offer. This is the reason women always prefer diamonds over any other gift. Most of the pendants available in the jewellery market are made of diamonds. Besides the rich look, diamond pendants have different shapes, sizes, and styles. If you purchase a diamond pendant Chennai, you can wear them for various occasions and attract massive attention with the unique designs.

Gemstone Pendants

If you want to look glamorous and do not want to spend much, then gemstone pendants are the perfect substitutes for diamond pendants. Many gemstone varieties range from subtle to bold styles, which will be suitable for numerous occasions. Their vibrant colours and vivid appearance makes them versatile. Gemstones are precious, and there are exotic ones like tanzanite, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

A Brief on How to Choose the Right Necklace for Pendants

We know that there exists a close relationship between pendants and necklaces. So, if you plan to get a diamond pendant Chennai, you must choose a matching necklace. Let us see the things to consider.

Size & Weight

The size is the most important factor to consider. The size of the necklace should complement the size of the pendant. It is the same rule with the weight of the pendant and necklace. There has to be a perfect balance between diamond pendants and necklaces for safe suspension.

Dimension of the Pendant’s Hole

The necklace should easily slide through the hole provided in the diamond pendants. Try it out manually, and then select the necklace as you do not want to purchase a necklace that serves no purpose.


The length of the necklace will determine how and where the pendant will rest on the wearer’s body. Therefore, you should choose the length carefully and try it out with your diamond pendants to be sure of what you are getting.

Style & Design

The style should be a perfect match for your diamond pendants. Although the design is based on the customer’s preference, ensure that you don’t get a totally contrasting necklace for your pendant.

The Takeaway
Now you must have the information necessary to differentiate between a necklace and a pendant. Use it to buy your favourite jewellery from Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, one of the best diamond jewellers in Chennai.

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