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Factors To Consider When Buying Diamond Pendants

Buying Diamond Pendants in Chennai–A Joyful Experience

While it may be joyful and fun to look for diamond pendants, choosing the best one may not always be easy. With the wide variety of designer diamond jewellery options available for you to choose from, you are bound to be enthralled before you dazzle others with your choice. The truth is that many of us aren’t sure about the parameters based on which we should assess our purchase.

However, the sheer quantum of money that you’ll spend on your pendant warrants a lot of research and thought in order to ensure your purchase is near perfect. If you browse our latest collection of diamond jewellery from Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, you’ll be one step closer to finding the right pendant for yourself or someone you love. Now, to help you decide on the right diamond pendant for yourself, we have put together some of the most important parameters to consider. Take a look.

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Diamond Pendants

The Quality of Diamond Pendants

Some diamonds sparkle more than others. Do you know why? Well, the simple reason behind this assessment is their quality, cut, shape and size. So, the overall value added by high-quality diamonds is substantially more than those which aren’t up to the mark in terms of sheer resplendence. Hence, it is the first and most important factor you should keep in mind.

Unlike other forms of diamond jewellery, where the design and workmanship matter quite a lot, diamond pendants are highly dependent on the quality of the diamonds used. So, when you are browsing through all the pieces that various stores have on offer, you should try to be a bit instinctive. The one that makes you say ‘yes’ in one look is most often the right one for you!

Carats of Diamond Pendants- The Prima Ballerina

Yes, the quality of the diamond pendants matters the most. But, what are the factors that influence its qualities? Well, we can safely say that the weight of the diamond in any pendant has the highest impact on its beauty and attractiveness. Plus, when it comes to diamond pendants, bigger always tends to be the better! This simply means that those pendants which weigh more are the most attractive.

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A beautiful pendant with a weight in the range of 0.5 to 0.9 carats is almost always eye-catching. Imagine the sheer beauty of a woman with a beautiful diamond pendant hanging from her neck! Well, what was the size of the pendant? It’s quite obvious that you would have thought of a big pendant because that is how diamond pendants are supposed to be– big! And, size does matter in the case of diamond pendants more than any other type of diamond jewellery.
View of the Resplendent Beauty Diamond Pendant in close up
Let The Shape of Diamond Pendants, Shape Your Decision

When we talk about the sheer quality of diamond pendants, we can’t ignore the shape of the diamond. In fact, along with the quality and weight, the shape of a diamond pendant is another pivotal factor in determining its visual appeal. The diamond pendant with the right cut and shape has maximised ability to reflect and refract light. Truly beautiful pendants are those which refract and reflect light in the best possible balance. If too much light is reflected without any refraction, the pendant will not appeal to an onlooker’s eyes. So, balance is the key. And, balance can’t be achieved unless the shape of the pendant is just about accurate.

Diamond Pendants- Do Brands Matter?

Some of you may ask whether the brand name matters at all in the case of diamond pendants. Well, it is of utmost seriousness and importance. Unless you purchase your piece from a reputed and well-known designer/ outlet, you can never rest assured about the quality of the pendant.

Purchasing from lesser-known sellers can create a situation where you’re handed a worthless piece that appears to be attractive because of the use of shining agents and chemicals. After a few days, the lustre, sheen and shine of the piece will fade away, and your money will be spent on a worthless item. So, whenever you are going to buy diamond pendants in Chennai, it is always wiser to make your purchase from reputed sellers like Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery.
Regal Archduchess Diamond Pendant made from VVS EF diamond quality with 1.11 carat diamonds
Is There Any Ideal Budget for Diamond Pendants?

The price of diamond pendants is an important consideration for everyone. When you’re purchasing jewellery, you can’t spend all your money on a pendant. So, you must plan your budget efficiently. However, allocating a higher amount to diamond pendants will make a lot of sense for the simple reason that most of its weight will be made from diamond.
In other types of diamond jewellery, the weight can be influenced to a great extent because of the metals, prangs and other parts of the item. In the case of diamond pendants, there is very little weight added by metals or prangs. At the same time, the size of the diamond matters the most in the case of pendants. Hence, you should choose accordingly.

Diamond Pendants: The Showstopper

Designer diamond Jewellery are a thing of beauty. Among them, diamond jewellery are elegance, grace and beauty, all embedded in a rock that seldom weighs more than 1.5 carats. However, the impact of truly incredible diamond pendants can never be ignored. They take your fashion statement from average to brilliant in a jiffy. They can be the difference maker at parties, social gatherings and other appropriate occasions. The joy they bring every time you look at your prized diamond pendants can only be felt- writing too much about it can jinx the whole thing!

The point is that diamond pendants are an extremely crucial part of your jewellery for every occasion. So, when you are on the verge of purchasing them, it is always good to do your research and be absolutely certain of your requirements if you want to make a suitable purchase. Alternately you can walk into Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery and let the experts there guide you to choose the best diamond pendant for you.

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