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The Latest Diamond Necklaces Are a Reflection of History. How?

Necklaces came into existence in 40,000 BC. People made them with bones, wood, shells and stones. Necklaces were not only women’s thing back then; even men wore them. But in today’s scenario, necklaces have evolved to be made of precious stones and metals. Gold and diamond necklace designs Chennai are gaining more popularity every day. Diamond necklaces are versatile and available in various patterns today. The special thing about diamonds is that you can wear diamond ornaments with any outfit. But are you curious to know how diamond necklaces existed in the past? To know the history and evolution of diamond necklaces, keep reading. We have a lot of interesting facts in-store.

Classic History of Diamond Necklace Designs

Centuries ago, people used different kinds of necklaces. Some of them are bib necklaces, choker necklaces, rope necklaces, opera necklaces, matinee necklaces, uniform necklaces and princess necklaces. The bib necklace was made with many strands to resemble the bib. People used pearls and beads to accentuate the look of a bib necklace. A choker necklace sits very close to the neck and is usually worn as a part of any costume. The other necklace varieties have varying lengths and are adorned with various gemstones, pearls, etc. When we talk about the history of diamond necklaces, it was first used by the royal society around 150 years ago. Records state that the Arpad kings had diamonds mounted on their crowns. Replicas of vintage diamond necklace designs Chennai are in great demand today and are categorised under antique jewellery patterns.

European kings and queens had an affinity toward diamonds and highly valued them. The first diamond cut necklace, which belongs to the modern jewellery market today, was used in the 1500s. Historical records show that Napoleon Bonaparte had gifted his wife Marie-Louise with a stunning piece of diamond necklace celebrating their son’s birth. Such masterpieces are still retained in highly secured museums to show people the uniqueness of the precious stone. These designs are recreated to develop vintage diamond necklace designs Chennai which many youngsters prefer.


What You Need to Know About Early & Middle-age Diamond Necklace Designs

Necklaces were used in the early ages for personal adornments, religious ceremonies, funeral rites and matrimonial occasions. Talismans mostly used necklaces to show off their status. Around three thousand years ago, metal jewellery with gemstones started to evolve. People in Rome wore necklaces decades back with thick collars or elaborate pendants, which is in trend now and commonly cited among the recent diamond necklace designs Chennai. Diamonds were greatly incorporated into necklaces between 500 to 1450 AD during the dark ages. During the 1400s, men wore intricate and elaborate diamond and gemstone embellished necklaces, whereas women wore only understated and simple ones. People believed that diamonds helped in offering good physical health. Necklaces were embellished with other gemstones too. As deep necklines became the fashion in the Middle Age, all the women started using necklaces.

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An Overview of Diamond Necklace Evolution

Fashion jewellery keeps evolving through every century. During the 1600s, simple diamond necklaces like chokers were in style. Diamonds gained more popularity by creating statement pieces with better sparkle, sophistication and intricate cuts. Diamond pendants and a few gemstones became fancy in the 1700s. The trend continued with the creation of more elaborate necklace styles with extravagant layers. From the middle of the 1800s till the early 1900s, diamond necklaces with abstract collar styles were in trend. During the middle of the 1900s, diamond necklaces showcasing large geometric patterns became popular and are still among the best-selling diamond necklace designs Chennai.

In today’s world, diamond necklaces are seen in varying lengths and styles to suit customers’ personal wants and desires. A few of the popular diamond necklace designs Chennai are:

  • Teardrop, heart and cross-shaped pendants
  • Abstract curves and swirls patterns
  • Graduated necklace style with different sizes of diamond stones
  • Customised diamond shape pendants

What is more interesting is that the vintage diamond patterns are ruling the modern necklace designs today. An antique diamond necklace is valued as a contemporary ornament that blends modern taste with richness. According to a survey, antique diamond necklace designs Chennai will continue to be considered a timeless classic for some more time, and people would want to pass them on to future generations as they represent rich history. Antique diamond necklaces look great on everyone irrespective of age and stand out as a timeless beauty. But you must understand that vintage or antique diamond necklaces are always priced high for their elegant appeal, exquisite design, and detail.
Diamond Necklaces Among World Cultures

Do not think that the history of jewellery is always inclined towards western culture. Asian and African culture also plays a significant role in the history of jewellery. Africans created silver necklaces adorned with amber, silver coins and coral for trading purposes. Women in those races wore a lot of silver coins in their necklaces as a symbol of luxury and wealth, mainly during various rituals. Indian women always love gold jewellery and wear it for different occasions. They consider gold ornaments as a sign of family prestige and reputation. Although necklaces have evolved for ages, they are continuously used to fulfil the fashion trends in every phase. The most desired metal options for diamond necklaces in today’s scenario are yellow gold and white gold. Numerous diamond necklace designs Chennai are made with these metals, from traditional to modern. If you walk into any diamond retail outlet, you will never exit without appreciating the patterns they showcase.


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