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Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Necklace Varieties

Diamonds bring happiness and are a woman’s best friend! These sparkling white stones with excellent lustre are perfect for any occasion. Diamond necklaces are a must-have in every woman’s collection. If you are looking for a diamond necklace in Chennai, don’t worry as many options are available in various styles and patterns. Their prices depend on the 4Cs and the number of diamond stones used. Let us discuss the different kinds of diamond necklaces in the article below.

Basic Categories in Diamond Necklaces

Diamond necklaces are always made with gold metals. The three main varieties of diamond necklace designs available in the jewellery market are:

Simple Diamond Necklace

A simple diamond necklace is beautiful and elegant with basic patterns like flowers, petals, stars, alphabets and abstract designs. Usually, these necklaces have a thick chain so that the entire neck-piece stands out.

Heavy Diamond Necklace

A heavy diamond necklace is expensive; as the name suggests, it is huge, chunky and heavy. This necklace is studded with diamonds of top-notch quality. It has brilliance better than any other diamond necklace variety available in the commercial market because of its bigger size.

Light Weight Diamond Necklace

Simple necklaces with matching earrings that are light in weight belong to this category. A lightweight diamond necklace is perfect for all occasions as it is not heavy and feels comfortable when worn.

Types of Diamond Necklaces Based on Additional Precious Stones

There are a few varieties of diamond necklaces based on the type of gemstones added along with the diamonds. They are:

Kundan Diamond Necklace

Kundan is a popular precious stone used to make a lot of jewellery. Kundan stones are mounted along with the diamonds on a silver or gold metal to create a beautiful necklace. Kundan diamond necklace in Chennai is adorned with pearls to enhance the richness.

Ruby Kundan Diamond Necklace

Rubies along with diamond and kundan make an amazing neck-piece. Rubies create an excellent fusion look when placed in the middle of sparkling diamonds. Thus, a ruby kundan diamond necklace is one of a kind of designer jewellery which is an ideal ornament for brides. Diamond and ruby stones are a gorgeous combination, and when paired with matching earrings, they are sure to create a celebrity look similar to the ones from the red carpet events.

Uncut Diamond Necklace

Raw or rough diamonds are used to create uncut diamond necklaces. They are ideal for Indian brides to look all decked up on their D Day. An uncut diamond necklace is of high quality and value as the making process involves more labour.

Polki Diamond Necklace

Polki stones with uncut diamonds are mostly used in making Indian bridal jewellery. A polki diamond necklace in Chennai speaks for itself with heavy craftsmanship sporting a raw look. These neck-pieces are usually expensive and have a unique appearance which you will never be able to get in any other kind of diamond necklace.

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Jadau Diamond Necklace

Jadau work and kundan are the most commonly used Indian bridal wear ornament. Jadau work is costly as it requires great handmade craftsmanship. This diamond necklace originated in North India and belonged to the Mughal era, and history states that kings and queens had a great affinity for them.

Diamond Necklace With Other Stones

Pink sapphire, red diamonds and emerald stones are the other stones used along with white diamonds in order to create an amazing neck-piece. When clubbed with sparkling white diamonds, these stones look classy. People from higher society prefer a pink sapphire diamond necklace. Red diamonds are rare, so the value of red diamond necklaces is unimaginably high. Emeralds are green stones that, when teamed with diamonds, make a great ornament for evening parties, bridal wear and flowing dresses.

Other Varieties of Diamond Necklaces

The most commonly found diamond necklace in Chennai are:

Solitaires pendants
Solitaire Diamond Necklace

A solitaire diamond necklace looks simple but is expensive. It symbolises wealth as it has a single big diamond stone. This necklace is considered a luxury and goes well with any attire. Solitaires are mostly used as gifts for loved ones, especially during weddings and engagements.

Choker Diamond Necklace

A choker-style diamond necklace looks grand and stunning as it covers one-fourth of a person’s neck. It is expensive as it is made of layers of diamonds. Many diamond stones are arranged in a row to complete the setting. Choker diamond necklaces are perfect for bridal wear.

Antique Diamond Necklace

Gold is the popular metal used to make jewellery of all kinds. Gold was used to make jewellery when kings and queens ruled us. Antique gold jewellery is crafted in a mind-blowing manner by incorporating a lot of precious and semi-precious stones. This adds great value to the ornament and also makes them expensive. Recreating the antique diamond necklace is in trend and wearing them makes you look rich. The antique diamond necklace is bold, striking, and great for all auspicious occasions.

Vintage Diamond Necklace

Vintage jewellery is a pattern belonging to a period fifty years back. They are a fashion statement if worn today and look classy. A replica of a vintage diamond necklace in Chennai creates a contemporary look when paired with the right outfit.

Temple Design Diamond Necklace

South India is well-known for its temple design jewellery. The designs are inspired by ancient works found in the temple. Temple design diamond necklace has images of goddesses, gods, lotus flowers, elephants and peacocks. This jewellery combines gold and diamond to create a gorgeous masterpiece that imparts a rich ethnic look.

The Bottom-line

Diamonds are precious stones you can pass to your next generation as they have good resale value. Diamond necklaces are the most preferred jewellery by most women as they are an asset. Your diamond ornament value gets appreciated in the long run. Now that you have learnt about the different diamond necklaces explore designer diamond jewellery options at Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery, Chennai.

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