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Select the Right Setting to Increase Diamond Durability

We all know that diamonds are exquisite and expensive. People buy diamond ornaments based on the gem’s size, shape, and texture. The setting contributes a major share to enhancing the gleaming effect of the diamond jewellery. The best retailers of diamond bangles Chennai embed the diamonds in numerous ways with excellent setting strategies. The setting is responsible for increasing the life of diamond jewellery. In the article below, let us see how the right setting enhances the durability of diamond ornaments.

Importance & Need of Proper Setting for Diamond Bangles

A setting helps place the diamonds securely to create a unique jewellery pattern. If the diamonds are not mounted or set properly, they might dislocate and get lost. The setting enhances the attractiveness of the product. Apart from fixing the stone in a particular position, a setting ensures that the diamond is set at a particular angle or manner to look elegant and impressive. Find a reputed jewellery store to purchase diamond bangles Chennai, which hires experienced diamond setters to design the ornament with high-quality setting techniques.

All You Need to Know About Bezel, Claw, Channel & Pave Settings

The popular types of diamond bangle settings are:

Bezel Setting

Recently, a bezel has been the most commonly used setting for making diamond bangles Chennai. Here the setting surrounds the diamonds on all sides instead of holding them with prongs. This guarantees that the stones do not get displaced easily. The advantages of bezel settings are that they are ideal for people doing a lot of physical work. It has a long life and is durable. The two types of bezel settings are full and half-bezel settings. The full bezel setting contains a centre stone surrounded by four or five corner diamonds. This setting ensures that the precious stones do not develop scratches or wear off. The half-bezel setting has the centre stone surrounded by two diamonds to the side aligned with sufficient space.

Evergreen Sparkle Diamond Bangles made from VVS EF diamond quality with 10.52 carat diamonds

Claw Setting

The claw setting is also known as the prong setting, a classy, popular, and common type of setting. It resembles a prong or claw, which helps in clutching the diamond stone tightly. The types of claw settings are pointed, V-shaped, and flat set-ups. The advantage of using a claw setting is that it makes the diamond stone more visible than the metal. Therefore, this setting is widely used by big jewellery outlets for diamond bangles Chennai.

Channel Setting

The channel setting is highly desirable as it has a better sparkling finish than other settings. It contains a centre piece having a long channel of tiny stones glued together on the grooves of the bangle’s band. The diamond cluster enhances the bangle’s beauty and is used by jewellers to create the most exclusive patterns of diamond bangles Chennai. The only drawback is that it requires extra maintenance compared to other settings.

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Pave Setting

Pave settings contain small diamonds on the pavement tracts of a diamond bangle. This setting resembles the channel settings to some extent. However, there is one difference. The pave settings have mini prongs for tiny stones and smaller sections for diamonds than the channel settings. You can customise the pave setting for diamond bangles Chennai with the help of well-experienced jewellers.

Other Essential Diamond Bangle Setting Types- An Overview

The other types of diamond settings used in making bangles are:

Bar Setting

The bar setting has diamonds segregated with metal walls. These have visible metals to hold the stone firmly together and in place. Every diamond is surrounded on two sides by metals, and therefore bar setting is considered to create durable diamond bangles Chennai.

Pretty Sparkle Diamond Bangles made from VVS EF diamond quality with 3.56 carat diamonds

Halo Setting

The halo setting has rings around a single stone in the centre. The rings surrounding the centre gem are embellished with small diamonds. Most of the jewellery stores for diamond bangles Chennai have ornaments with a halo setting ideal for weddings and engagements. You will have to offer extra care to improve the life of diamond ornaments with a halo setting as it has an intricate design. The potential drawback of this setting is that it has many chances of losing the side stones when not handled carefully.

Invisible Setting

An invisible setting is commonly used for various occasions. When we look at the other settings, we see the metal or prongs holding the diamonds. But in an invisible setting, just as its name suggests, you will not be able to see how the precious stones are held in place. If you are looking for fancy diamond bangles in Chennai, consider investing in invisible settings.

Bead Setting

Bead setting is commonly seen in almost every part of the gem market. It is used to create strands or lines of precious stones. The craftsmanship is complex and is a real challenge for people working on new designs with a bead setting. If you want something unique, purchase diamond bangles Chennai with bead settings. Many models are evolving to replace the complexity involved in the bead setting techniques in recent times.

Illusion Setting

Illusion settings have prongs that make a precious stone appear bigger than its original size. The metal used to create the prongs offers immense support to the diamonds with a splendid cut. The metal prongs partially diffuse into the diamond’s framework, making the stone appear bigger by reflecting off the metal piece. Thus, the middle part of the precious gem sparkles. An illusion setting is ideal for people who love to wear big diamond jewellery. If you plan to buy diamond bangles Chennai, consider illusion settings as they are a great value for money.

The Takeaway

By now, you must have gained an in-depth idea of how to increase the durability of the diamond bangles with the right diamond setting. Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery is one of the famous diamond jewellers in Chennai with a team of professionals who offer high-quality diamonds with the best setting.

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