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Regal in Ruby Diamond Bangle Kada made from VVS EF diamond quality with 6.84 carat diamonds

How to Buy Diamond Bangles

Who doesn’t love bangles? Diamond bangles are a great investment and the best asset. Women will want to pass them on to the next generation. If you plan to get diamond bangles for yourself, measure your wrist by reaching out to outlets for diamond bangles Chennai. We have covered everything from how to pick the right style to what kind of diamonds to choose.

A Brief on How to Choose the Right Diamond Bangles

Always choose the style that suits you. A bangle is rigid, unlike a bracelet. The styles of diamond bangles Chennai are the join type and cuff type bangle. The join bangle has a joint to open and close. The cuff bangle has a single wide opening to slip the wrist.

When you enter any reputed store to buy diamond bangles Chennai, ensure that the bangle has some movement after you slide it in. Always measure the wrist right below your wrist bone when buying bangles. Retail outlets have a flexible measuring tape with which you can easily find the right size.

The medium size bangles are usually 6.5 centimetres in diameter. This is the common fit for the majority of the population. The durability and cost of the diamond bangles will depend on the metals used. The types of metal used in making diamond bangles Chennai are:

  • Gold is the universally used metal for diamond ornaments. They are suitable to be worn everyday. You can get a lesser carat gold if you want to save money. However, 18K gold is considered to have a long life. Yellow gold offers a traditional look and is available in 18K to 9K. White gold looks like silver and is created by alloying yellow gold with white metal.
  • Sterling silver is cheaper and softer than gold. But you cannot use it for daily wear as it is not very resistant and gets damaged easily.

Sparkling Floral Diamond Bangle made from VVS EF diamond quality with 8.16 carat diamonds

Technical Factors to Consider While Buying Diamond Bangles

The diamonds in the bangles are measured in terms of carats (CT). The carats in bangles may vary from one pattern to another. The more diamonds on your bangle, the higher its price. Moderate-quality diamonds will be sufficient to offer an excellent sparkle in bangles. Another good news is that as the bangles do not fall under the line of sight, nobody will be able to see the imperfection with naked eyes. Therefore, while shopping, request medium-grade stones from the retailer of diamond bangles Chennai. This hack will be useful for fulfilling your dream at a reasonable price.

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Diamond Quality

Stick to the rules mentioned below to make a worthwhile purchase. Opt for premium quality stones if you are planning to get a sleek pattern of diamond bangles Chennai. This will help in keeping your budget down. But if you want better sparkle and brightness, invest in H/Si quality diamonds. They are superior to premium diamonds and are a great value for money. G/Vs quality is better than H/Si quality and looks whiter. If you plan to have bangles with diamonds above two carats, then H/Si quality will be a perfect choice. But if the diamond’s size is not big, you need not opt for a high-quality stone.

Diamond Shape

The most common diamond shape is the round and square princess cut. The baguette rectangular ones are the next popular shapes found in most outlets of diamond bangles Chennai. If the bangles are elaborate with more intricate patterns, you will find many shapes included to create a unique design.

Eternally Eden Diamond Bangle made from VVS EF diamond quality with 3.9 carat diamonds

Diamond Setting

There are a lot of diamond settings found with reputed jewellers of diamond bangles Chennai. Each type of setting has its own benefits and appearance. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Claw Setting- The claw setting has metal prongs or claws to hold the diamond stone in its position. It permits a lot of light to enter and therefore creates maximum sparkle.
  • Rubover Setting- The metal protects the diamonds in this kind of setting by wrapping the stone on all sides. It is ideal for people who perform a lot of work with their hands daily. However, this setting limits the sparkle as it restricts the light from entering the stone.
  • Channel Setting- In a channel setting, metal strips securely hold a row of diamonds. Although it offers 100% protection, it does not permit light from entering the diamond stone and limits the sparkle.
  • Pave Setting- Tiny beads play a major role in holding the diamonds in place in a pave setting. Therefore, it increases the overall sparkle of the ornament.
  • Illusion Setting- The illusion setting has metal around every diamond stone with ridges. This creates the illusion that the diamond stone is much bigger than its original size. Thus, the price of the overall diamond jewellery will be less. You can achieve a luxurious look at a reasonable cost if you purchase illusion-setting diamond bangles Chennai.
  • Halo Setting- Smaller diamonds are set around the central diamond like a halo. This creates a modern and rich look and increases the overall sparkle.
  • Cluster Setting- As its name suggests, a cluster setting has a lot of diamonds to make a unique design.

Other Essential Things to Know Before Purchasing Diamond Bangles

If you want to buy diamond bangles Chennai and if it does not suit your budget, you can invest in lab-grown diamonds. They are real diamonds developed in a high-technology laboratory with the help of scientists. They are 50% cheaper than the mined diamonds. Other diamond alternatives will be white topaz stones that look similar to diamonds. Topaz gems are affordable, and they are highly affordable when made with sterling silver.

Wrap Up

Beyond knowing everything about choosing a diamond bangle, it is important to care for the ornament. Ensure that you do not swim or shower with diamond bangles and don’t expose them to harsh chemicals, cosmetics, or soaps. Check out the latest diamond jewellery catalogue on the Khwaahish Diamond Jewellery website and get your diamond ornaments personalised.

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